What Lurks in the Shadows



What lurks in the shadows
Can make our hair stand on end
Skin prickle and goose bumps
Fears ready to send

Fleeing away legs ready to run
Shiver down the spine
Is something out there
Or its that imagination of mine?

With lightness and darkness
Shadows and the mind playing tricks
Creating images and visions
Fear often it picks

To spook and to scare
Delightfully fright
Of the sounds and the shadows
That go bump in the night

© CTB :D/DFY July 4/14

Check more images of shadows at this week’s Bastet’s Pixleventures.

Stay tuned….


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18 thoughts on “What Lurks in the Shadows

  1. Lovely photo and bravo for the poem! This is a great post! I see that being home has given you a new perspective on poetry too. Thanks for linking up, Bastet

    • I was writing my post then I took a look again. At a writers work shop we had at work they suggested sometimes with a reformat you could have a poem. I tried it and the first verse was there. I adde and moved around a few ideas and I liked the result. Glad you liked it too.

  2. Excellent!

  3. It sure did happen…love this poem

  4. Great poem — and a *gorgeous* photo – deliciously spooky!

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  6. absolutely love the poem xx

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