An Ordinary Day

Last week while taking a drive down a country road we passed by this old one room schoolhouse. You never know what history lurks around every corner, nestled in an ordinary place on an ordinary day.


Old One Room School House.

Old One Room School House.


What unexpected sight did you come across recently?

Stay tuned…

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18 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day

  1. I think I know where that is! I’ve been there many many times..friends of the family live near there. I’ve also been there and around there on several school trips =) Is it near St.John’s Education Center in Fonthill ?

    • I can’t remember the road, but it was near Merritville Hwy and Hwy 20. It was down a side road and lots of farmer’s fields and modern houses. We went around a bend and it was right beside a regular house. Not on the usual beaten path… And not our regular route, but we were looking for this herb farm we saw at the Fonthill farmer’s market.

  2. That’s so cool! I recently blogged about Keuruu, a little town we hardly new existed and when driving through we realised it was beautiful, had wonderful wooden houses and a unique design to a church. Nice to stumble upon these sights.

  3. Freda Goulet

    If walls could talk…lots of interesting history there!

    • Yes that is for sure… I would love to see inside. I know a lot of schools in Grimsby visited a one room school for the day and had lessons. I wished we had the chance to do that when I was in school. Certainly would make classes more fun.

  4. Sounds like this country road took you home to educational passions 🙂

  5. That is lovely … wonder how it would have been to go to school there.

    • I think little house on the prairie or Anne of Green Gables…. Part of grade 3 used to go to a school like that for a day of lessons. I wished I was teaching that class and could have gone… Sounds like fun and a way to really help the kids understand the way of life.

  6. Great shot of this place. Love the angle you took, wonderful composition!

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