Willow Wednesday #5

Our short summer is almost over. Today we are heading to the airport, so thanks to a scheduling feature I am able to bring you Willow Wednesday #5.


Hee Hee... that was funny.

Hee Hee… that was funny.

Last week a lot of you liked Willow’s curiosity pose. Lavendar Ladi said it made her giggle. I found this pic where Willow also looks like she is giggling.


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What funny things have made you laugh out loud lately? Was it a funny joke? Something you saw? A pet or other animal being silly? Tell us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned….


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16 thoughts on “Willow Wednesday #5

  1. That is a sweet picture of a very cute cat!

  2. OH MY Just when you think she can’t look any cuter! She’s so adorable.

    • Thanks… She is so stinkin cute. Looking forward to seeing her again… Hope she feels the same and doesn’t give us the kitty cat cold shoulder. 😉

  3. Wonder what she’s dreaming about?

  4. Freda Goulet

    I think Willow loves to pose for you…it will be interesting to see a pic of your reunion with her this time.
    Safe traveling, Diana. Sorry we didn’t see each other AGAIN!!

    • Yes summer went fast, but John and I both had bad cold and it slowed us down. One day we’ll have to all get together.
      Yes it will be good to see Willow, but she usually hides for the first bit until she checks everything out 😉

  5. She is just too cute. And she’s got the most fabulous coloring – soft and warm, with just the right amount of paw pink. 🙂
    Be safe, CTB.

    • Thanks 🙂 She is a light and dark grey with a pinky-beige which is so interesting. She is a cutie and knows how to use it 😉

    • PS we arrived from Canada (and Dubai) and back in Shanghai safe and sound. Off to Beijing tomorrow to show a visiting friend around. Busy, busy and lots to blog about.

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