Texture: Weekly Photo Challenge

Waking up early just as the sun was rising the grass and everything was covered in dew and a light mist. I was taking in the beauty of a quiet morning when something caught my eye.


I quickly snapped away at the 4 or 5 different spider webs trying hard to focus on the delicate threads and dew that clung to each strand. A few minutes later as the sun rose higher in the sky the magic was lost and the spider webs became invisible once more.


Check out word press and their weekly photo challenge for more examples or to post a link of your own texture post.

If you missed it, yesterday I posted a brief summary of travels over this past week at Tip Toe Travels and as always stay tuned…

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29 thoughts on “Texture: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I’m in awe!!!

  2. What a fantastic capture!

  3. Very well caught 😊

    • Thanks Gilly. It was perfect timing. I got a lot of shots in the few minutes before the sun lifted a little higher and it was all gone.

  4. Freda Goulet

    As I have said in the past, you have a great sense of what will make a great picture…beautiful.

    • Thanks Freda. It was just the way the light hit them and I was glad I was up early to catch the sight. Spider webs are so cool and fascinating and hard to photograph. The timing and lighting all fell into place to make it possible this time.

  5. I am forever walking into these things! I like your textures. πŸ™‚

  6. Great picture – it’s very artistic!

    • Thanks Meg. I saw a photo of a spider web years ago in a book and wondered how they captured such a cool image. I was happy to have the chance to see this and get my own pics.

  7. Fabulous! Can’t believe you found a web so intact!!

    • There were 3-4 of them all along the fence at my brother’s place. It was early morning and he lives out in the country, so odds were in my favour πŸ˜‰

  8. Love this one!! It doesn’t ben look real.

    • With the dew and the tight close up it may look retouched, but it was real! I didn’t adjust the photo other than add my watermark.
      Thanks for the compliment.

      • Oh no.. i believe it was real.. it’s just amazing..

        • Thanks. I was in my brother’s kitchen and looked out the window and the sun caught the webs in the light, so I had to grab the camera and run out quick. With a cool evening and hot days the dew was heavy and it was just perfect timing.

  9. Wow! What a beautiful photo. I just love it when the dew sits heavy and leaves such a beautiful present. ~Terri

    • Thanks so much Terri it was a beautiful sight and the lighting was just perfect. I am glad I was up early and had a quiet house to savour it.

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