Horizons and Silhouettes: Weekly Photo Challenge

Occasionally I take photos of my shadow, so I can be in it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am always the one behind the lens and that is often a way I can include myself. I think silhouettes and shadows are interesting especially with sunsets.

This week’s theme for Word Press is silhouette and I wanted to show off the Shanghai skyline and this attempt to be creative and different with the long tall grasses at home.

Shanghai Skyline Sunset -May 2014

Shanghai Skyline Sunset -May 2014


Where’s My Backpack is asking for horizons and this silhouetted skyline fits in perfectly. If you look carefully you can see the Shanghai Tower slowly getting taller as it nears its full height.


Check out the links to see more photos or to participate in the challenge.


ย  Stay tuned for more…

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30 thoughts on “Horizons and Silhouettes: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. It is a pleasure to see a skyline like this against a sunset. Does air pollution add more color to the skies?

    • vastlycurious.com

      I wondered the same thing Chris.

    • I think the pollution could change the colours. Many days the sunset is dull and the sun a pink ball in the sky (due to pollution and heavy cloud cover?). On a clear day the colours are pretty intense. With being so close to the sea and a being on a river delta the moisture in the air and heavy cloud also would play a factor. We don’t get a lot of blue sky for that reason. August is usually hot, but lots of sunny blue skies. Since we came back it has cooled way down and been raining a lot -very unusual, so no sunsets lately.

  2. I really like these two photos! You captured the beautiful colors of the sunset. Love the perspectives of both. Really cool!

    • Thanks Amy. Everyday I look out my window and enjoy the skyline. One day it won’t be my view, but a memory. I love capturing the changes it goes through. As to the grasses that was totally experimental and I liked how it turned out.

  3. vastlycurious.com

    Oh I just love these, especially the city scape! Beautiful!

  4. Freda Goulet

    I love the contrast in these two photos…man versus nature…both stunning! great photos, Diana.

  5. It’s hard to choose, I love cityscapes but nature has the edge!

    • I am lucky since I have had the best of both worlds. Living in Shanghai such a big city with the conveniences of shops, metro and more. Each summer out at my brother’s (out in the country -Canada) it is the wide open spaces, grasses and nature.

  6. Beautiful !

  7. Great entry – Shanghai is my favourite.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I live in Shanghai as an expat and this is my view. When I go home for the summer the grass and wide open spaces of the country are what I see. I love having the best of both worlds right now.

  8. Your skyline is beautiful CTB, makes me feel like I need to return very soon! Nicely captured!

    • Thanks Tina. I look out everyday and I have captured many shots of the changing weather and skyline. I am trying to soak it all in since this time we are sure 2015 we will leave China and return home.

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