Blood Moon Eclipse -Dreamy

In Shanghai we are located on a river delta and a sea. Most days are cloudy or very humid/damp depending on season. This leads to few clear days. Odds were stacked against us to view the eclipse and blood moon that would be visible October 8th. Fingers crossed and dreaming of a clear sky I peeked out before dusk to see low laying clouds. Looked like the special event would be lost.

Once it got dark and at the required time (6:55 PM local time) I went out to look at the moon. Nothing. The moon was not  in the usual southerly location. Darn clouds… As I turned to go back inside something caught my eye and low and behold it was a bright orange disk in the Eastern portion of the sky.

View from the balcony over our apartment compound

View from the balcony over our apartment compound

I raced back inside to grab the camera and captured a few shots of the orange moon from our 14th floor balcony. Every 15 minutes or so, I went back out to watch as things transitioned from the full orange moon to the eclipse. I hope you enjoy. Despite using a tripod, night setting and full zoom many shots came out with some blur. These are a sample of the best shots.

Blood Moon with first hint of the eclipse

Blood Moon with first hint of the eclipse

We dream about many things for the future, our lives and for our friends and family. Some pictures have a dreamy atmosphere. Sometimes dreams are simple like doing something well or capturing a spectacular eclipse 😉 . who knows if I will every get to witness such an event again. Check out Word Press for other interpretations of Dreamy.

The eclipse -Shanghai Oct. 8, 2014

The eclipse -Shanghai Oct. 8, 2014

Stay tuned…

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20 thoughts on “Blood Moon Eclipse -Dreamy

  1. It must have been amazing to see it 🙂

    • Yes it was really cool… I kept going in and out to see it as it went through the phases and changes.I saw one once before when I was a teenager. Nice to see it again since it is a rare occurrence.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Great shots of the eclipse, Diana. The moon looks so close to earth. I saw the end of the eclipse just before dawn in Dunnville. It was impressive as are your pictures.

    • Thanks. The colour was great and I was so glad we had a clear night to see it. We were lucky it was early enough to witness too. 🙂

  3. cocoaupnorth

    Well captured!

  4. I love the second photo.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to get these pictures – they’re beautiful!

    • Thanks Meg. It was a long time since I had seen an eclipse (saw one as a teen). Luckily the sky was clear and I had the perfect view from my balcony without any highrise to block the fantastic view.

  6. I remember Shanghai being so polluted that sky was sort of yellow. Is it better now? In any event, your photos are outstanding!

    • Well October is the best month for clear skies and comfortable weather. The temperatures are great with low humidity, so that was in our favour. The clouds had begun to roll in around 5-6, but luckily stayed away long enough to allow us to see the eclipse. Every night since it has been pretty cloudy, so we would have missed it completely!
      Thanks for the compliment. I wished I would have gone outside and tried to get a view through the trees too for an added effect. It may not have worked as well since I had to use the zoom on max. I am happy to have seen it and captured a few great shots.

  7. Well done CTB! I thought I’d see many shots of the moon’s eclipse for this week’s challenge but yours is the only one so far. I too took a shot at capturing it, and got some decent ones while it was high in the sky but the shot I”d hoped for as the moon set low on the horizon was ruined by the darned sun rising 30 minutes before moonset. DRAT!!

    • Oh that is too bad Tina. I also caught it high in the sky and would have liked some trees or other ‘object’ in the shot to make it more interesting. With highrises all around that would be impossible. Oh well I was happy to witness it and get a few good shots.
      I think Asia lucked out with this one since it was a reasonable time and people didn’t have to get up so early or busy rushing to get ready for work and maybe not bother to get the shot.
      Thanks for stopping by Tina 🙂

  8. FABULOUS! I think the first one was a great capture of the color. Nice job, CTB.

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  11. Great captures, CT! Excellent!

    • Thanks 🙂 It was a clear night, so I was super lucky. The next few nights were overcast as it often is here. Also pretty good considered Shanghai has so much ‘light pollution’. Thanks for stopping by Amy.

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