Descent -Photo Challenge

Looking down; a new perspective to see where you have come from… a descent…

The sun setting in Niagara region over the escarpment.

A beautiful golden sunset

A beautiful golden sunset

A plane ride home and anticipating the decent back on Canadian soil. The view was amazing with clouds, landscape and a little sparkle from a lake.

What a view

What a view

The most intense decent, but welcomed after a long climb up hundreds of stairs on the Great Wall on the Mutian Yu section.


A long way down. What is worse the climb up or keeping your tired, shaking legs steady and in balance back down?


The steep climb where we just came down

The steep climb where we just came down


This is the challenge set by Word Press this week.

Stay tuned…


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40 thoughts on “Descent -Photo Challenge

  1. Beautiful …

    • Thanks so much. Good to ‘see’ you. I know I haven’t been around too much lately. 😦 Sometimes it even takes a day or two to check comments any more.

      • Don’t worry … that’s my problem too. I write, but have difficulties looking at comments and my reader. Glad I caught you today … and well worth it, a great photo btw …

        • Thanks πŸ™‚ I appreciate that you picked me to visit today. Work is busy and still not well, so blogging moves to the bottom of the list. Been to the doctor lots as they try to figure out what ails me…

          • I’m sorry that that “cold” is still hanging on … I’d not realized that you hadn’t overcome it long ago! I can imagine you’ve go lots on your plate and that certainly doesn’t help … you’re in my thoughts … get well soon! :-/

            • Thanks for the well wishes. They now think it is something else, but not sure what. I have had a lot of pain and fever. Super tired, cold all the time and uncomfortable. Blood work and other tests are clear, so they are not sure what is going on. Hopefully they figure it out soon.

              • Well, let’s hope they figure it out … living with pain and fever all the time is the pits and explains why your always tired and tired and uncomfortable …

                • Yes everyone is feeling tired and worn out as it is starting as the ‘busy’ season. I figured that is all it was, but then this flared up and is not helping. Each day I feel a little better, so hopefully soon it is all gone.

                  • Strange … it difficult to track down these problems at times if the root is in an illness which is rare in the country you’re living in. We’ve had cases of malaria in Italy which the doctor’s had difficulty diagnosing not knowing that the sufferers had been to a malaria infested area. Did they check you calcium? I had a deficiency years ago that had similar symptoms …

                    • They did lots of tests and not sure since it is in Chinese. The doctor said all is clear though… may be something I should ask next time I am in. Thanks

                    • No problem and probably has nothing to do with your present problems anyway. Hope you’re feeling better by now though!

                    • Starting to feel better and slowly getting more energy back. Still pain, but not sure if I am getting used to it, or it is getting less painful. Thanks for the well wishes πŸ™‚

                    • πŸ™‚ glad you’re getting better … hope the pain leaves soon!

                    • Thanks me too πŸ™‚ Heading home for Christmas and will see my doctor there. Hoping they can do more than the wait and see method.

                    • Got my fingers crossed for you … it will be nice for you to be home for Christmas too!

                    • Yes and seems like it will be a snowy one! Already there was snow (early again) so it will be nice to have a white Christmas.

                    • So I read on a few blogs from Canada … White Christmas and for the Americans a White Thanksgiving too!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Not sure which picture I prefer…you have captured the idea of “descent” so well in all of these pictures. Another great job of capturing the theme.

  3. very cool

  4. Great pictures and it shows what a variety of things show descent!

    • Thanks Meg. I thought I would pass on this challenge as it seemed hard. I thought about it and than the great wall steps sprang to mind. I then looked through my recent pics and found these others that I thought may ‘spice’ up my choices.;)
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. What a great collection for descent! Love all of them, CT! You really captured the majestic of the Great Wall. I wish I did…

    • Oh Amy I am sure you did… your photos are always amazing. I think the clear skies and climbing all those crazy steps gave me a different vantage point than last time we went.

      • No, I didn’t and I was so disappointed…It was a cloudy day when we took the trip, they were crying for rain in Beijing. I really like these photos you took. Did you use a long lens?

        • Hi Amy, Oh how disappointing when the weather doesn’t cooperate 😦 Well one day you will have to head back!
          I have a cannon camera (all automatic… next step SLR. This is like my training wheels). It does have a built in zoom that is pretty incredible. As I look at those pics I don’t think I zoomed in too much -it was just my position and perspective with a little help with the zoom. The clouds and sunset pics were taken with my new camera phone that has a great zoom lens. The sunset I did zoom in, but the clouds not so much. Which reminds me I was going to post on that camera phone… oops I forgot.

          • I like the perspective you took, CT! Oh, I forgot to mention, the sun setting is spectacular! Btw, I placed an order for the iPhone 6. Nearly 20 mil sold so far. I’m waiting… πŸ™‚ I heard the iPhone 6 camera is cool.

            • They keep getting better and better don’t they? My phone looks more like a point and shoot camera than a phone! I will have to post about it… I think it is cool πŸ˜‰
              Thanks for the compliment… the sunsets from the top of the escarpment over the golf course are pretty amazing.

            • PS I wanted to show those steps after climbing up and down them…. it was hard work! The steepest part was too busy and narrow to get a photo. That was almost vertical (or maybe just felt that way!) I wish I had a pic of that bit.

              • I remember… I did 70 to 80% of of the climb, had to give up the last part. I pretty much had to depend on the hand bar… Imagine how they built it along the mountains, some 5,500 miles, Crazy!

  6. CTB–knew you’d include the great wall – thanks for not disappointing me! Enjoyed the others as well.

    • Thanks Tina… I almost didn’t participate this week and thought maybe the wall was too obvious, so I looked in my recent pics for other examples. Glad you enjoyed them. Curious now to see what you posted πŸ˜‰

  7. Seriously! The climbs up and down on Mutianyu were intense. As far as I recall, that section includes some of the steepest parts of the Wall?

    • I have been to that section twice, so nothing to compare it too, but I believe it. I know it was pretty steep on that last section… crazy steep! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. That is seriously steep, I don’t think I’d manage it!

    • It was crazy. I didn’t think I could either, but was determined to make it. One step at a time and rest in between and I made it. Thanks for the visit.

  9. Thrilling series of images. My favorite is the descent from the Great Wall…thrilling, exciting, a one’s in a lifetime experience to stand on something full of rich history and culture. And the view…super amazing! Have a blessed week ahead. Thanks.

    • Thanks IT. That was my second trip to the wall and it is pretty amazing. Anything from so long ago that they could build without the tools and technology we have today is pretty amazing.

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