Shanghai Sillies

After nearly 5 years in Shanghai not much surprises us anymore. I think we have seen it all. The only thing that has changed is my bravery πŸ˜‰ I used to do double takes and stare in disbelief at odd occurrences. Stories were shared about sites we have seen and I am sure a few people thought I was making things up. Well since it is our last year I decided to go for it -there are some things where a picture is worth it. They after all are not shy about snapping our photo even when you clearly say no in English or Chinese, so why not join in the snap happy fun? They are just asking for it with these Shanghai Sillies.

Saturday we went to Old Navy near Jing’an Temple for some great sales. After I was leaving the clearly marked change area we saw a shirtless man trying on sweaters (jumpers) in the main area of the store right in front of the change rooms. Why waste time going into a little room with mirrors when you can try them on while you shop?

I walked away, but decided I HAD to get a photo of this. Really I am not hiding behind this rack, but it was the best vantage point without being too obvious. Christmas season is sneaking up on us and sometimes tempers flare with the stress of getting the last ‘must have’ item on the shelf. Have you seen any crazy shopping sillies? Share them in the comments below, or maybe it is worth a picture and a post.

Is this my colour?

Is this my colour?

Personal Update – you may have noticed lately I haven’t been blogging regularly, virtual visiting or even responding to comments in my usual quick fashion. Some of you know I had not been feeling well and was down with a virus in the summer, then the start up of work was busy and then a tummy bug wore me down. This all hit one after the other. Well it seems it has been more than all that. I had to be rushed off to hospital a few weeks ago with severe pain. The first thought was my appendix, but turns out it is kidney stones. The pain is pretty incredible at times and goes from uncomfortable to so intense you think you may pass out. I am also suffering from fatigue. I can go to bed as early as 7PM. Sometimes I sleep through til morning where other times I am up with pain in the middle of the night. I am still being monitored by a doctor because they want to be sure there is not another underlying medical condition. Whenever I have free time I no longer blog due to the tiredness or discomfort of sitting. My free time is now spent napping. I blog when I can and most posts are quick and easy. Once I am back to myself and full of energy I hope my words and ideas will begin to flow easily again. I miss the blogging world and being active in it, but it is not forgotten. -CTB Nov. 16/14

Stay tuned…

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20 thoughts on “Shanghai Sillies

  1. Freda Goulet

    Diana, your mom told me that you weren’t well…so sorry to learn that your last year in Shanghai is being marred by such a painful condition. Hopefully, it will be cleared soon. Feel better, I look forward to more of your “silly” and very unusual pictures soon. Enjoy your birthday on the 25th!!
    Hugs, Aunt Freda

    • Thanks Aunt Freda. It is better than it was, but comes and goes now. Before it was constant. At least we know why I am so tired. With a birthday around the corner I was afraid it was just old age πŸ˜‰

  2. Wishing you the best of health!

    • Thanks… you take it for granted until you have no energy to do even little things any more. Feeling better now, but still comes and goes. Hoping that is a good sign.

  3. I hope you’re up and around soon and back to your old self and enjoying the silly side of Shanghai. Take care.

  4. I’m sorry you’re not well. I hope things clear up quickly!

    • Thanks Tvor… it has been on going for months, so I am hoping soon too. With a super busy job and 24 energetic 5 year olds it is hard to be running on low energy.

  5. Hope you are getting better!

  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, take care and I hope you soon feel good!

    • Thanks Gillie. It comes and goes now, so I am hoping that is a good sign. Having no energy is the hardest part… and then no time for bloggin’

  7. So sorry to hear about what you are going through. Glad to know that your doctor is monitoring carefully. Take care and get well soon, CT!

    • Thanks Amy. Thank goodness for western doctors here… it would be pretty hard without me speaking Chinese. I now know many of the staff by first names and have their personal phone numbers! They gave them to me for emergencies, but still that is a service not sure I would get at home πŸ˜‰

      • I can’t imagine without western doctors. And, their personal phone #s! Doctors in US don’t answer phone calls after 4, 5 pm and weekends. Thank Goodness you are in Shanghai. πŸ™‚

        • Yes it could be tricky if I was in one of the smaller cities or places with few expats. I guess I could go with one of the Chinese teachers from work and have them help, but still not understanding everything and then to be worried about lost in translation !

  8. ((HUGS)) Love the giggles.

  9. You have had more than your share. Rest is important. Health is more important than anything. We will be here when you get back. I hope that you are back on your feet soon.

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