Twinkle: Weekly Photo Challenge

Its been awhile since I have participated. Not so long ago there wasn’t a week that would go by where I posted something. Now as I try to get back into the swing of things I searched the archives for a little twinkle, sparkle and light.

twinkle twinkle little star?

twinkle twinkle little star?

I avoided the obvious with the twinkling fairy lights of Christmas and came up with a bigger bang, if you will.

One of the colourful designs

One of the colourful designs

China has spoiled me on fireworks forever. Done. Finished. Nothing can compare…. EVER! The fireworks here are bright, fancy, intricate designs and patterns like you have never experienced. Shows are not a mere minutes long, but the longest I have seen was over an hour! During the October holiday 3 such shows will light up the night sky. All this right from our balcony and away from the crowds. The typical bangers and balls of light mingle and mix with happy faces, stars, Saturn and flower designs. Light rains down in a continuous fashion with only seconds and minutes in between the next oooohhhhh….. awwwwww….. The best I saw, and boy do I wish I had this on film, was a red accordion style design that poured down from the sky like an elephant trunk reaching down do get a drink. It was unbelievable and I thought I imagined it until someone else confirmed it was real. That was our first year here and each year I hope to witness it again, but no such luck 😦 Maybe one day…

Thanks WP for this week’s theme.

Stay tuned…

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12 thoughts on “Twinkle: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Wow! I didn’t know the fireworks in China was that big…

    • For the National holiday they sure are! And then they do shows for 3 different days. I wonder if it is like that everywhere, or just Shanghai?

  2. Terrific!

  3. Nice shots. i particularly liked the first one. Randy

  4. Wow I’d love to see more like this!

    • I took mostly video since it is so amazing… I don’t think I have the WP upgrade for video. 😦 Pics are harder to capture with all the movement…. I can look and see if I have more good ones to post though.

  5. I agree CTB – nothing like fireworks in China – in fact the night I saw them I was in your “hometown” Shanghai and they were spectacular. Excellent thought for a challenge response!

    • Thanks Tina… they are pretty grand here. Even weddings have small displays! For us at home that would be a regular show on most special days πŸ˜‰ here is is part of a common celebration, but when it is a holiday it is BIG.

  6. Freda Goulet

    Beautiful…truly outstanding. The children especially must love these fireworks!

    • I am sure they do, or maybe because they happen frequently after awhile you take it for granted. Each holiday there are big displays. Small events like weddings also have small ones (more like what we are used to) and you can see them in the distance from our balcony. Then there are the bangers… those are a weekly occurrence as they scare away evil spirits and are a part of traditions when a new business or building is opened, someone dies, a wedding couple comes home for the first time….

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