Shanghai Sillies: Pack & Go

When we first arrived in Shanghai, nearly 5 years ago, we would stop and stare gob-smacked at these men on bikes piled high with all kinds of materials from wood, to plastic containers to Styrofoam. Our guess is they recycle it. What do you think they could be using all that Styrofoam for? Still it quite a sight with the balancing act they must have to perform to get it from A to B.

I never managed to catch the tallest piles on film (or digital media for you <30’s) then they became quite rare. A local person told me the police had started to crack down on such packing. Slowly over the last few months they started to pop up again.

Wide load

Wide load


This poor fellow pulled over to the side of a busy road as a passer-by helped tuck something back into place. The pause gave me enough time to get the camera ready to snap a few pics.


On the Road Again

On the Road Again


Have you see anything silly lately?

Stay tuned…

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12 thoughts on “Shanghai Sillies: Pack & Go

  1. Oh my goodness!!! You’ve told me about it so many times but to actually see it… WOW

  2. Not that crazy! πŸ™‚

  3. No, nothing that silly! Oh my goodness!!

  4. Seriously?! Ha ha!

    • Yes seriously they were pretty common then much smaller for a long time as they started to get stopped by police. They have been popping up and getting bigger again in the last few months. The best was one so tall it was incredible, but the best part was the wife perched near the top in a little hollow they made. I WISH I had a camera ready for that one.

  5. Oh my…I have no words other than oh my. Happy Christmas my friend.

  6. Amazing they can still drive those things, isn’t it CTB??? Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

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