Serenity Now -Photo Challenge

“Serenity now…. serenity now !” – Frank Costanza, Seinfeld

When times get stressful what do you imagine, or wish for?

I feel most relaxed and at peace with the whisper of the winds in the trees, a warm breeze to tickle my toes and a view like this:

The perfect view to relax

The perfect view to relax. The view from my beach chair, Cuba 2012.

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Stay tuned…


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8 thoughts on “Serenity Now -Photo Challenge

  1. …and relax πŸ™‚

  2. Freda Goulet

    Water relaxes me as well…gently falling rain on a hot summer day as I sit reading a good book. I often go for a walk in a warm summer rain….in my bare feet!

    • sounds very peaceful…. I remember the rain on the tent trailer roof when we all went camping. It had a unique sound and was very relaxing.

  3. It looks perfect to me!



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