Depth -WP Photo Challenge

Depth… can be so many things.

Say something deep – full of meaning and inspire others.

Show depth as in something far away.

Depth – maybe an unreachable goal, or something to be working towards.

Can buildings show depth? A view from below looking way up over 100 floors high.

World Financial Tower and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

World Financial Tower , New Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

Maybe if your head is in the clouds 😉

Can a horizon show depth? Maybe if you are dreaming about what lays beyond, or are pondering your future.

Subtle Sunset

Subtle Sunset

I like how this simple photo seems panoramic in this light just as the sun was fading away.  It seems to show depth of the never-ending Shanghai skyline, with the contrast of light and shadow.

It is a little chilly this week in Shanghai and all these shivers have shaken out my creative prose. To see more be sure to head over to Word Press.



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10 thoughts on “Depth -WP Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    I enjoyed your perception of depth..especially the contrasts in the sunset photo. As I read your blog I wondered how the depth of feelings…love, anger, enthusiasm, etc. could be shown using photography….these feelings can certainly be a measure of depth!

    • Yes very true… most people probably snap pics of happy things. We seem to have a camera ready with celebrations. Anger would be a tough capture. All of them would make good themes for future photo challenges though 🙂

  2. Good choices CTB, hope it warms up for you soon!

    • It is not as cold as Canada, but is so damp it chills you to the bone. This week it is calling for warmer temps. Thanks Tina glad you liked my picks of pics 😉

  3. Goodness how I love that first image. WOW…just wow.

    • Thanks so much Jo. The skyline is pretty amazing here in Shanghai…. you need to look waaayyyyy up 🙂
      How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a bit and I wasn’t on much either. Just getting back into the swing myself.

  4. Stunning pics of Shanghai…. 🙂

  5. I like the photo looking up up up to the sky.

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