Scale -Bigger than Life: WP Challenge

This week’s WP Photo theme is SCALE. When we visited Hong Kong Disney (Fall 2014) we noticed that things from Toy Story were larger than life. All our favourite toys from childhood were creatively made into displays.

Larger than child size!

Larger than child size!

This photo here shows just how big they were; certainly not to scale.

On a side note did you know there is a Disney theme park being built in Shanghai? Just made official the park will be ready to open spring 2016.

Stay tuned…

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7 thoughts on “Scale -Bigger than Life: WP Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    When I saw the theme “scale” bigger than life , I instantly thought of “The Great Wall”…your take is much more fun!

  2. What fun is this! I love the scale of these toys!!!

    • It was surreal and I felt like a little kid as I saw so many old favourite toys. I guess you could say it ‘scaled back’ the years too 😉

  3. Disney theme parks in China, who would have thought it!

    • HK Disney is small compared to the one in the US. It gets good crowds. I haven’t been, but heard the one in Japan is great. The one is Shanghai is going to be really large and have room to grow. Too bad we will not be here for the opening. If it will be anything like expo though…. too crowded to enjoy it. Maybe in a few years. I also have a few kids in my class whose parents work there. It is just starting to take shape. I should ask them for a tour!

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