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My friend over at Patchwork Ponderings has offered me the challenge to post something in response to the Pink It Forward campaign. Each month she always does a post on special days and charities that are held in the given month. It is almost Pink Shirt Day. What is that? Well it all started in a response to bullying a few years ago. Kids can be mean, push you around, steal your lunch money or say things that hurt more than any physical pain. One such kid was getting teased and a bunch of kids at their school decided not to stand by and let it happen. Instead they all wore pink shirts to show support to the kid who was getting picked on. Now the bully didn’t have one victim, but had a team of kids standing up and making a difference. Pink shirt day was then adopted by many other schools and now even school boards all over. Bullying has changed with technology and the Pink it Forward is asking for the internet to be a kind and positive place.

The challenge is easy….

How can you get involved? It’s simple:

1. During the weeks leading up to and on Pink Shirt Day – February 25th, post a photo of someone special on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It could be a friend, teammate, colleague, family member, classmate or even someone you just met.

2. Add the caption below and fill in the blanks with their name and why they’re so awesome:

Twitter: For #PinkShirtDay, I appreciate ____________ because________. Now it’s your turn to #PinkItForward

Instagram or Facebook: For #PinkShirtDay, I’m helping to stop bullying by? turning the Internet into a positive place. I #PinkItForward to ________ for _______________. Now it’s your turn!

3. Remember to tag that person so they can also #PinkItForward.

It’s that easy! And remember, each time someone spreads the kindness by using #PinkItForward, Coast Capital Savings will donate $1 to Pink Shirt Day – up to $45,000!

This February 25th, let’s turn the Internet positive!

Special thanks to our partner Coast Capital Savings who will be donating $1 for every #PinkItForward to Pink Shirt Day!

from: http://pinkshirtday.ca/2015/02/17/pinkitforward-canada/


Patchwork Ponderings nominated me because I teach kids that kindness matters. As you know I am a teacher and the kids I teach are from families of executives of companies, diplomats of countries, or well off families. The one thing I wanted to focus on with each class was just being kind and showing appreciation. Very quickly I saw kids leaving a mess for someone else to clean up, never saying thanks and expecting the cleaners to just do it. They weren’t doing it to be mean, but that is a way of life here. Each home has at least one person to do all the work so you don’t have to. We started to focus on our classroom and each other by at least saying thank you. I had some very kind and generous kids in my class and I focused on their kindness and it quickly spread. Little things mean a lot. Respect for people no matter what their profession is important because they are human first and whatever job second. Just because of life circumstances we don’t have the right to think we are better than someone else. We are all special.

We practise this daily and it is amazing how fast it grows and spreads. My classroom is safe to be yourself and everyone is treated with fairness and respect. I hope they take that out into the playground, the street and life.

Have You Filled a Bucket TodayI was taking a course and someone introduced me to the book “Have you filled a Bucket Today”. It is a kid friendly way to explain kindness. She worked in a hard inner-city school and the kids got it. I supplied for her class and they were amazing! So polite and respectful. Something that is rare to see in a rough school especially when you are the supply teacher! Each year I read this to my students and it becomes the language in our classroom. You can easily fill a bucket by saying something kind, smiling, helping, letting someone join in… but you can also dip in someone’s bucket by saying something mean, laughing and teasing or hurting them. The children enjoy sharing stories and brainstorming their own ideas in what you should and shouldn’t do. Quickly we have a class full of bucket fillers. Occasionally we have bucket dippers too, but it gives them the words to express themselves and they begin to understand that words and actions hurt too.

So for #Pink It Forward I challenge all of you to smile at someone, say something nice, hold a door for someone, say thanks to your bus driver… try it – it is easy.

Stay tuned….


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10 thoughts on “#Pink It Forward

  1. Freda Goulet

    I try to do one kind deed a day..it is amazing how many people try to pay me back at once. I always tell them that they have to do a kind deed to someone other than I, to send it forward. In this way I hope kindness ripples out beyond my little corner of the world!!

  2. Fantastic post, CTB. I hope the kids carry it forward too.
    Hope you’re smiling. 😊

  3. A heartwarming post, CT! Thank you for the reminder…

  4. vastlycurious.com

    Nice !

  5. I grew up with the belief that a smile costs nothing and can make a difference to the person on the receiving end, so what’s to lose 🙂

    • Thanks Gilly. I read a story once where someone was having a bad time and a perfect stranger’s kindness made their day. It really made me think, something so small like a smile, can go a long way and make a BIG difference. You’re right it certainly is worth it!

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