Rule of Thirds: WP photo challenge

Last week WP told us to look for symmetry, this week we are back to the usual photographic rule; the rule of thirds. When taking a photo photographers suggest visualising a grid dividing your image into thirds horizontally and vertically. Putting the focal point in one of those thirds, other than the centre, it provides visual interest.

Jen H. at word press not only suggested using the rule of thirds, but keeping the main subject in focus and the background blurred, or bokeh.

My first shot is rain drops on an evergreen tree.

cool summer rain

cool summer rain

This shot is one of my favourites of a dewy spiderweb.

glistening dew drops

glistening dew drops

Each shot fits the rule of thirds in different ways, however the background is blurred.What do you think?

Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds: WP photo challenge

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  2. Excellent choices CTB! Especially liked the bokeh of the first.

  3. Both shots are great for their own reasons

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