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I could show you yet another photo of the Great Wall in China, but you have seen it from me before. Just look up at my banner πŸ˜‰ Instead I want to show you a lesser known part of China -Tianzifang (pronounced tea-anne -zzz fawn). In the old French Concession part of Shanghai is a maze of little streets. Once a thriving neighbourhood with tightly compact brick buildings, narrow streets and low rise buildings. Areas like this are now rare, from the days of old, as they have been demolished to make way for steel and glass modern skyscrapers. However, this area remains and has turned into a little gem. It is popular with the locals and expats and any nice weather weekend the streets are jam packed. Many unique shops housing handicrafts, galleries with works for sale and restaurants make it a wonderful day out. It is fun to poke around in the little shops looking at leather-bound books, purses and amazing photos of China. Tired feet? Stop at one of the many restaurants with a variety of food tastes from Thai, Indian and local fares. Adventurous and have a quirky sense of humour then try the restaurant called Toilet.

Over Chinese Holiday this year I stayed in Shanghai. A few of us wandered the streets of Tianzifang and I captured some interesting photos which, happen to fit the WP theme WALLS this week.

This sign was interesting and I think it is about the holiday and maybe fireworks related? I did see other signs saying no fireworks. If anyone out there that can translate please leave a comment below on what the sign is saying.



This wall was very unique with the little bottles of grass growing. Decoration? Salad or food toppings? What do you think?


This last one was a little graffiti maybe…? It was too cute, so I snapped a quick pic.


If you are in Shanghai, or planning a visit and want to check it out here is the information:

Tianzifang In Chinese Characters η”°ε­εŠ and pinyin: TiΓ‘nzǐfāng

ζ³°εΊ·θ·―210εΌ„, Huangpu, Shanghai, China. In English the address is Lane 210, Taikang Road.

It is a fairly cheap taxi ride even from Pudong (30-40 RMB or $6-8) and the metro is right across the street in a large shopping mall.


Stay tuned…

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20 thoughts on “Walls -WP Photo Challenge

  1. Photo challenges offer the perfect opportunities to delve through albums with a specific ‘focus’! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Good luck, be safe…

  3. I can only imagine how many of these areas were destroyed in the massive explosion of new construction in Shanghai. Thanks so much for showing a glimpse of what was once quite commonplace.

    • When Expo was here in 2010 a lot was destroyed, but it is common place and no one seems to mind. A woman was interviewed in Beijing when she was relocated into a new modern building to make way for the Olympic venues. I find the old beautiful, but they say the old is drafty and lack the modern day conveniences, so they are happy with the new and improved city. I am glad this area is still there so we can go back in time and imagine what it used to be πŸ˜‰

  4. Freda Goulet

    Very interesting photos, Diana…I love the grass growing wall!

  5. You do bring some unusual things that I wouldn’t get to see otherwise!

    • Thank you …. what a great compliment. I just find Shanghai so quirky and unique. I now have a camera smart phone, so I can capture more than I did when I had forgotten the camera at home. Can you just imagine what I missed???

  6. I like the glass bottles on the wall too – very artistic and good color!

    • Thanks Meg… it is very cool. I lucked out because just after that shot crowds of people came along and I would have never been able to snap anything without numerous heads blocking the way πŸ˜‰

  7. Thank you for taking these photos! The grass wall is lovely – and I am particularly grateful for the graffiti wall, which documents a rumor I’ve been hearing about my chalk art character Sluggo having somehow become popular in China. (If you check out this image on my WP blog, you’ll hopefully see what I mean: http://davidzinn.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/sluggo_solo_springlever_hires.jpg) What a small world!

    • Wow what a small world indeed! I wonder how they discovered your art since blogs are blocked and inaccessible most times. A few of us expats have ways around it, but few of the locals do. New mystery….
      Thanks for the link and visit. I am glad you happened by. πŸ™‚

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  10. Love your cute little finish CTB! We did the French quarter while we were in Shanghai and loved it! Excellent response.

    • Thanks Tina. The walls had such history I had to take a photo and lucky I did; I was ready for the challenge.
      It is funny an artist from the US said that cute little guy is his design/character and it has become popular in China! Small world! He left a link in my comments if you want to see more. I found it unusual and waited for people to pass to grab a quick pic. It wasn’t as crowded as last time I went to that area. If it was I may have missed the little green guys.
      Take care

  11. What in iconic wall. Thank you so much for sharing this history and cultural traditions.

    • Thanks for the visit πŸ™‚ Tianzifang is very interesting and was much better without the crowds… to see the old brick, winding streets and cool shops.

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