Spring Fresh

This week’s theme for WP is FRESH. I could use some fresh air… living in a large city which has issues with pollution it is something we all wish for. The thick smoggy air blocks out the clouds and blue skies, something most of us would take for granted. Due to smog, rain and fog over the last 7 weeks we have seen full on bright sun only 4-6 days. The less than fresh air has lead to another cold and sinus infection. Down right depressing.

As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers, where in Shanghai it must be February and March showers. The beautiful magnolia tree, outside my building, started to bud just the other day. I thought about capturing its progress and here is the first shot.

March 12th first buds. Spring is finally coming!

March 12th first buds. Spring is finally coming!

…..Β  6 days later you can tell what colour they will be. We just need some sun and warmth.

March 18th they are opening! Not long now.

March 18th they are opening! Not long now.

Finally temperatures started to rise and become seasonal. We have also had a longer winter and over the last 4-6 weeks below average temperatures. However, change is in the air. One day this past week we even peaked at 18c a few degreesΒ  above normal. Finally! Look what it did!

March 20th after 2 warm days they have started to open, but today is a bit chilly. Happy to stay closed a little longer.

March 20th after 2 warm days they have started to open, but today is a bit chilly. Happy to stay closed a little longer.

Then today a glorious day with subtle sunshine, but 17c and I captured this. Full bloom. Fresh flowers and sunny days give me energy and lift my spirits. I am suddenly feeling re’freshed’ and have a ‘spring’ in my step.

March 22.... we did it.

March 22…. we did it.

What makes you feel energised?

Stay tuned….


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16 thoughts on “Spring Fresh

  1. Freda Goulet

    Spring is my favourite season…I love the return of budding trees and love the bright yellow bursts of forsythia, the purple hues of lilac bushes, the shades of meadow greens! What a welcome burst of energy spring brings after a cold , dark, winter!

  2. A magnolia is flower will always cheer me up, hope you feel better now.

    • I love the first burst of spring flowers and these are so beautiful and short lived. I am glad we have so many in our building complex. The pollution has been hard on my body this year… I seem to always get a cold and infection after a high level day. Only 3 more months and back home.

  3. Beautiful photos of magnolias! I love the pink color. πŸ™‚

    • They were lovely…. after a warm weekend we had a chilly Monday and they all went brown 😦 I was hoping to get some more pics as they opened more.

  4. Lovely photos! πŸ™‚ We have yet to see flowers blooming here in Seoul, but it’s right around the corner. We are however suffering from the seasonal spring pollution we get from China. 😦 The government over there really needs to start dealing with this properly, not just for it’s own citizens, but for the rest of the world too. There’s no borders in the sky!! πŸ˜‰

    • Yes pollution has been bad lately. You are right about no boundaries for pollution. I laugh when they say it is clear due to the wind…. it just blew the trouble elsewhere. We have been chilly this year too. We usually have some more warmer days, but it has been cold. The lovely weather was short lived and those lovely blossoms all went brown after a cold day and chilly night. 😦 Shame.

  5. We have one magnolia tree at the San Diego Zoo. It’s gorgeous right now.

    • We have many in our compound and there are pink ones and white ones. I look forward to them each spring. Suddenly we had a cold snap, so this year they were very short lived. 😦
      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. The Magnolia buds have started peeping out here too in London. It’s great to share the experience! Here’s to an Easter full of bloom. Happy days.

    • Our magnolia blossoms were short lived this year with a sudden cold snap. A few more protected trees hung on and have reached their peak. The Japanese Cherry blossoms are out now and SO beautiful.
      Hoppy Easter πŸ™‚

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