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Blur… sometimes life moves so fast it is all a blur. If you try to capture it on film you lose focus. Last week we showed ephemeral (here and here); mine was lucky shots of a quick passing moment in focus. This week we are asked to show something in a blur. It could be purposely out of focus or accidentally out of focus with cool results. Usually I deleted such photos, but surprisingly I had a few tucked away.

Of course I had to show Willow. Many photos of her in a blur because she is always moving.

Willow in a blur

Willow in a blur


The next photo was an accident with the camera as it wouldn’t focus and was over exposed. Kinda cool effect of a busy alley way in Tianzifang.

Blur of Shanghai

soon Shanghai will only be a blur of memories


Lighted Pagoda

Lighted Pagoda

Last night we went out for dinner at this interesting restaurant. We go dropped off at the wrong location, but a happy accident since the view was great. As we waited for a ride to the correct location I snapped a few pictures of the lighted pagoda across this small lake. I purposely moved the camera to create blur and this cool effect.

Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline

The view of the Shanghai Skyline from our apartment is beautiful. I always pause and soak it all in because one day it will be a blur of memories. The clear sky with soft colours proved difficult to focus with the changing and flashing lights creating a blur.

Shanghai Totems of recycle piled high

Shanghai Totems of recycle piled high

Since we arrived 5 years ago we were stunned by the small motorised trikes piled high with things to be recycled. We always tried to get photos of them, but they move so quickly by the time you pull out a camera or smart phone they are gone. One night my husband spotted this one gaining on us as we sped by in a taxi. It is in such a blur that the bike and man is invisible. Something I am sure he would wish for in real life because the police have started to monitor these ‘totems’ and limit their height and movements.

I have kept some photos even though they are blurry because of the subject, memory or cool effect. What do you do with your blurry photos?

Stay tuned…




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13 thoughts on “Blur -WP Photo Challenge

  1. Great variety of photos. Love the cat’s movement caught on film.

    • It is hard to get the cat to stay still so most photos are of her sleeping 😉 After all she is still young. Soon as she sees me raise the camera she runs off (camera shy) or comes to me for attention and pats… spoiling the cute image on film 😉

  2. Freda Goulet

    Great pictures of your topic, “Blur”….hard to choose a favourite, but I think it has to be Willow!

  3. The capture of the cat was fun! I also like the Lighted Pagoda. 🙂

  4. I love the photo of Willow. I really love the last shot of the recycling. The light is great and it seems as if the bicycle is the only bit blurred.

    • The recycling one is eerie… and ya I think cause not all of it is blurred. Willow is giving me her roll over pet me cuteness. It shows her purrrsonality and is cute even though it is blurred.

  5. Good choices, I tend to delete the rally bad ones but keep some with the idea the I might be able to use then for something!

    • Yes I do that too. The ones really bad are usually gone… but ones that are one of a kind, a good memory or cool I keep despite the blurriness.

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