Shanghai Silly: Potato Chips

When I was kid I remember the strange potato chip flavours coming out. Grape seems to be the one I recall and wanted to try the most. Funny I don’t remember if I ever tried them – maybe I was to chicken. 🙂

When we first arrived in Shanghai that memory came back as we walked down the aisle of chips. I tried lime, a sweetish more like key lime pie and ice tea, a lemony flavour. They did have grape or blueberry and I assumed it was ‘normal’, but the next time we went to shop they no longer carried that flavour. This time I was going to be sure to try them and I missed out. Another time I bought Cheetos and was surprised by the unusual flavour. I can’t read Chinese, but on closer inspection I realised I bought steak Cheetos. 😦 I don’t know if it was the flavour or not what I expected, but I wasn’t a fan and never bought them again. Recently I saw another kind of cheesies had something on top that looked like cheese. Mmmm cheesies with extra cheese on top. Nope it was vanilla icing like. Bizarre.

funny chip flavours

funny chip flavours

We usually stick to our old standards now. John likes the plain Lays, which are not as salty or greasy as home. Large bags are a third the size of home, but the flavour is great. I like the cheese Pringles. We bought some at home, but again the greasier and saltier flavour are not as good.

While out shopping I decided to snap a few photos of some of the new flavours that came out recently. Maybe they were just for Chinese New Year, or will be more long-term if they are a hit. My new favourite is Thai Green Curry. They are lime and a hint of coconut…. sounds strange, but it is good. Before that I discovered chocolate and sea salt. It is sweeter than usual chips, but nice too. The chocolate is light and just enough. I tried the numb and spicy hot-pot, but it was something I would not eat again. That and the sour plum melon is too Chinese for me. It has this spice that is in many dishes here and I don’t like it. The pepper and chicken were OK, but I prefer my favs thanks.

My favs in the middle and 2 new ones to try.

My favs in the middle and 2 new ones to try.

Chips are not too expensive; about the same price as home. The small bags run 3.80 RMB, which is around .75c Canadian and the larger bags are 5.20 RMB or $1.00. The tins are 8.00 RMB about $1.50.

What is your favourite chip flavour? Do you ever try any of the new flavours that come out?


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16 thoughts on “Shanghai Silly: Potato Chips

  1. Judy

    We now have Lays wavy chocolate coated chips but I haven’t tried them, might like them too much LOL as I love chips and I love chocolate!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Interesting flavors…I’m not as adventurous as you are since I have a gluten intolerance…I’m happy having Lays gluten free plain chips! I’m tempted to try the chocolate wavy chips tho!!

    • They do sound good. I will be on the look out for them. Hopefully they don’t taste good cause then I will eat too many… cause you can never eat just one. 😉
      Gluten even in potato chips. Yikes! Must be hard to shop since you have to read every label.

  3. My son giggled at the icing ones. I bet he’d like those spicy ones!

    • The spicy ones were not that hot actually. BUT we discovered wasabi peanuts…. hotter than the ones I brought home at Christmas. WOW they will knock your socks off!
      The icing ones also had peanut butter ones …. here in a culture of nuts they don’t worry about nut free.

  4. Lays look like Walkers, my favourite flavour is sweet chilli, ready salted or bacon are close!

    • Ohhhh they all sound yummy. Sweet chilli sounds amazing. In the UK you could also get roast chicken. Maybe you still can. We used to have them in Canada and they were my favourite. Last time I went to the UK I saw them and had to bring home a bunch 😉

  5. I don’t remember the actual taste but I do remember “Hedgehog crisps” when I was younger visiting England.

    • Oh NO that just sounds wrong. Hopefully it was a prickly hot and not a real hedgehog.
      Did it have this label ?
      * no hedgehogs were harmed in the making 😉

  6. LOL CTB – funny choice!! I’m a salt and vinegar gal myself, altho I’m always good with plain if necessary!!

    • So many things are SILLY in Shanghai and I need to appreciate them before it is time to move on in a few months. 🙂
      I used to like Salt & Vinegar, but then they went really strong… or maybe my taste buds are changing.

  7. My favorite is the Cheddar & Sour Cream. If they are in the house, I can’t resist them 🙂

    • Oh that sounds good! My favourite was roast chicken, but they didn’t have them in the shops anymore. When I went to Alberta for those few days I saw them! I went to buy some, but got distracted and ended up forgetting. Probably a good thing 😉

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