Early Bird Catches the Photo: WP Photo Challenge

If you get up early before the world awakes the quiet stillness surrounds you. I must admit I am more of a night owl, but early mornings are nice….sparingly. Sometimes they are forced upon me and that isn’t always a treat, but getting to see this rare sunrise in Shanghai from my balcony was.

Morning splendor

Morning splendor

Most times the sun rise is blocked by the neighbouring buildings, but a few short days a year, I get to share  the morning splendor as I wake early for work.


People flock to Angkor Wat to see the sun rise behind the ancient walls and temples. The early bird here gets the best spot to capture the view.

Early Bird catches the photo

Early Bird catches the photo

If you want to read about our trip to Angkor click on this link.


This past summer I was up early and enjoying a quiet house before everyone was up. Looking out as the sunrise was just coming up a little sparkle caught my eye. I noticed these amazing spider webs, covered in morning dew. A few minutes later, as the sun shifted, they became invisible once more. A lucky chance of an early morning to capture those pics. If you want to see more of the natural beauties click on this link here.

natures jewles

natures jewels

Be sure to visit Word Press for more examples of this theme.

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6 thoughts on “Early Bird Catches the Photo: WP Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    I’m always up early…and love the majestic sunrises that I so often see…such a great promise for the day that is just beginning! I love your web shot…beautiful!

    • Thanks 🙂 I love the early morning too and on vacation I will get up early to catch the sunrise over a new city and start the adventure. Since working here and needing to be out of the house by 6:50 to catch the bus I have become more of an early riser. Not too many sunrises to see though with the buildings blocking or the constant gray skies.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Not much longer and you will be starting a new adventure with much clearer air …if you were here this morning you would see pristine snow covering parked cars…a surprise for April 23rd!!

    • WOW! I would be surprised…. snow at this time of year???
      Even here it has been colder than usual. Nippy and biting winds. Has been a roller coaster of temperatures. Usually when it gets warm it stays warm here.

  3. Beautiful sunrise photo from Shanghai. Like you, I like early mornings far and few. But when I do have to get up early and don’t have work, I make it a point to try to watch the sunrise. Amazing capture of the spider web. Here in Australia we have a lot of spiders, but I’ve yet to see a spider webs as thick and shimmery as this one you took. Happy early mornings 😉

    • Thanks Mabel. A long time ago I saw an amazing photo of a spider web and never have been able to capture one on film until this past summer. It was lucky since Mother Nature allowed the light and dew to be just perfect for the capture. Only a few minutes later it was all gone. A nice gift for an early morning 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

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