Walk of Life

It is funny what you can find walking along and taking the time to notice. I know I shared some shots of unusual street life in Shanghai, but this was different. Walking through my compound it was a beautiful day – just perfect. Something caught my eye and I looked down…

Just off the main path I spotted something a little high and dry

Just off the main path I spotted something a little high and dry


Ay Ay Captain


When I looked closer it even had a little passenger. I wonder what the story behind this little origami boat is? How did it get there? What do you think?

Stay tuned….




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26 thoughts on “Walk of Life

  1. Freda Goulet

    Diana, what a great whimsical photo you captured here…there must be a story there for sure!!

  2. cocoaupnorth

    Can’t wait to find out the story behind:-)

    • I wish I knew…. I just happened to see it as I was walking through my compound. Maybe I will have to make one up. Any ideas???

  3. I think its a fairy boat!

  4. I’m picturing a nervous high school lad folding his paper into a boat for the cute young girl who has just sat down beside him on the park bench. She broke his heart when she tossed it cavalierly away when it was time to go home. Or nothing like that at all! Cute picture, CTB.

  5. Hey! I nominated you for SUNSHINE AWARD. 😀

  6. That is a nice capture, CT. 🙂

  7. Hope you are doing well! 🙂

    • Yes doing better but now fighting swollen vocal cords! YIKES! I had to take a few days off and rest with no talking. It has not been my year health wise. In a few more weeks (yes weeks!) we will be moving back to Canada.
      I haven’t been visiting blogs much lately after the surgery I was resting and not on the computer. Now getting ready for the big move is taking up lots of time.

  8. How cool .is this story and photo!

    I’m so happy to know your name is Diana, so sad to hear you’ve had yet more health problems (what a year it’s been for you!) and wish you Bon Voyage on your return home!!! I’ve linked the little story about the pup tent to your blog so you can find it more easily.

    • Yes thanks for the link…. I just saw that so I am heading over there now. Thanks
      It has been a year health wise… never been so sick ever! And major sick too! Yuck. On the mend now and lots of R and R this summer will hopefully make it all better.

      • I’ve got my fingers crossed that R&R will put you far from these health problems … actually thought you were out of the sick zone months ago and was aghast to see you’d had surgery … I’m glad all went well!

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  10. Hey CTB – love this one. The little hat has a thousand stories it could tell I’m sure. Good luck with the next step – will be watching!!

    • Thanks Tina…. lots to decide in the next coming months. Once we get back to Canada and have a job I will know where we will settle. I hope to have the summer to decide and not rush into anything! Take care.

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