Team Canada rowers for Pan Am Games announced

The Pan Am Games are this summer in the neck of the woods where I grew up. Many people from my Uni participated in rowing and even a guy from my hometown competed in the Olympics! Rowing is being held a hop skip and a jump from where I will be this summer… Toronto to the host.
Read below for more on rowing as posted by the Canadian Olympic Team Web Site.

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2 thoughts on “Team Canada rowers for Pan Am Games announced

  1. Freda Goulet

    Not a lot of hype yet about the Pan-Am games except for the worries about traffic congestion and the unfinished stadium in Hamilton….I’m sure things will rev up! I was looking for Brandon Rush’s name in the list of rowers…he lives very close to your brother and is a rower, but looks like he didn’t make the team .You may know his family.
    Enjoy your last few weeks in Shanghai!

    • There was a Jarvis on the Olympic team a few years back who grew up in Grimsby. He didn’t get much local coverage after they didn’t make it into the next round. Tania Verbeke won silver for wrestling and a lot was done for her. I wrote a letter to the editor and said he deserved our attention too… after all it is not all about winning, but us feeling proud of his accomplishments.
      Time is going pretty fast with lots to do. The school events and report deadlines all came at once, so little free time to pack. UG! Too bad since I want to enjoy the last bit of time here not be buried in work.

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