Ever Get the Feeling….?

Do you ever think “things happen for a reason?” Do you ever get the feeling “the universe is trying to tell me something?” Well that has been my pondering this last week.

As you know we are preparing to leave China. I have decided NOT to renew my contract. With that comes new adventure, but also new challenges. It has been an emotional time too. Top that off with a very busy school, who decided that this year we would have MORE events and place them right in the worst time… student assessment and report writing. With that I am trying to organise, give away and sell things. Pack, sort and do odds and ends with paper work for leaving. Then feeling guilty when friends ask us out. Things have been crazy.

This past week we had just finished an assessment that day when I got an email that we need to review this assessment and all the others (which thankfully were completed already). This needed to take place hopefully by Friday and this was Wednesday! I quickly marked the 5 pages of math and recorded the marks. I jumped up from the sofa and ran right into the coffee table! OUCH!!!! Ok I have stubbed my little toe and it hurts. I have broken my little toe before and it hurts. This was 10 times worse! OUCH!!!!

Turns out it is broken. Yup clean break on the third bone close to the joint. Bad place to break it, since that is the part of your foot that moves when you walk. Good news it is a clean break and a little bit further it would have been a larger bone and I would be immobile.

After I accidently kicked the coffee table I broke my toe. My toes were swollen and purple. A few days later the brusing has spread into my foot.

After I accidentally kicked the coffee table I broke my toe. My toes were swollen and purple. A few days later the bruising has spread into my foot.

Suggestion stay off my feet for 10-14 days. Ya right and use my magic wand to pack and sort my classroom? If I was returning in August I could have had someone pack it for me and worry about the stuff later. I had to go in and sort it myself and find my personal things since we are leaving. The kids have been great and like to pack, so that has helped. My hubby came in with me on the weekend and he reached up high and got all the wall displays down and packed some things too.

Wow what a year… my last year in China will be a memorable one. I am thinking this is China’s good-bye or telling me to leave 😉 Maybe it is the universe’s way to say slow down. When things are going so fast I need to stop and take my time. Hard lesson to learn, the work still needs to get done. Well this way I am forced to ask for more help. 3 more days with kids and 1 with just staff. I can do it.

Stay tuned…



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37 thoughts on “Ever Get the Feeling….?

  1. Sorry about your toe but I guess it the break could have been worse! Good luck with your move!

    • Yes It was SO close to being a larger bone and I would have been immobile. Dr looked yesterday and healing already started and only 6 days since accident. That usually occurs 10+ days after a break. I am lucky.

  2. Oh wow! I broke my foot when my kids were 1 and 3 and was in different variations of a boot for five months! It was supposed to take 6 weeks to heal but obviously chasing after two young kids it was impossible. Every time I went in for the X-ray and she said I still had to wear the boot I cried! I am such an activer person. Good luck with everything !

    • Thanks Nicole. I am lucky it wasn’t worse. Just a hair away from being more serious. I have been at work and trying not to stand/walk much which is hard… and I am so bad at asking for help. My students are so sweet and ask to do jobs for me, so that has helped a lot. I went to the dr. yesterday and he said healing has started, which is a surprise since it doesn’t usually start for 10+ days after the break and it was only 6 days.

      • Good luck healing! I can only imagine as I’ve been there myself! it is hard to not be on your feet!

        • It seems to be much better. The bruising is fading and I can walk some what normal again. The plane ride will be hard. We tried to move seats and they can’t since people have already selected their seats. We couldn’t get seats together, so I am worried I will have someone tramping on my tender toes. I have learned how to say it in Chinese though 😉 Last year I had a pedicure and had the Chinese symbols for Happy Feet. Funny how happy and broken are almost the same word, so instead of kwhy-la ja-ow I now have hhwhy-la ja-ow.

  3. What a way to finish the school year :/ your attitude is awesome though!

    I’ll look forward to reading about new adventures though!

    • Thanks… I am going through a lot right now and some how I have kept my sense of humour. I think it is all going too fast and hasn’t all sunk in yet.
      We had our class party yesterday and the parents just shake their heads at me… what is it now? Ha ha. I have had bad luck health wise this year. I think my body has saved it all up for 1 year. 😉

      • …let’s hope you’ll then have at least 10 tears without health problems!

        • Yes got it all over with this year 🙂 I spoke to a lady a work today and her dad has been sick, a fall, broken bones… all within weeks. I said I guess for some people when it rains it pours! Mine was just bad timing 😉

  4. Hang in there!

    • I am actually doing pretty well considering all the stress and crazy. People keep asking me about the stress and I don’t think I feel it. Maybe I am just better at handling it after the crazy year I have had. This is just the icing on the cake. 😉 Maybe an excuse to get others to do more hee hee

  5. You’ll be fine. (hug)

    • Oh ya… after the year I have had this is just the cherry on top 😉 Actually it has started to heal already. Dr. checked it with x-ray yesterday and said it has started to mend itself. He was surprised since it is usually 10+ days after a break. I am lucky too since I have been at work and went in 10+ hours this weekend instead of rest. I thought for sure he would tell me to stay off ’cause it wasn’t healing. Phew. Not an excuse to start dancing yet though.

  6. Freda Goulet

    You didn’t need a broken toe….and I, too, think the Universe is telling you to SLOW down…everything will get finished!! Safe travelling home to Canada.

    • Thanks…. last day today. Very bitter sweet. Glad to be done for the year, but sad to leave the overseas adventures. The kindness, letters and conversations I had the last few days really made it hard to say good-bye to the families and kids. I have maintained a sense of humour so it made it easier.

  7. Oh man! Not fun!! All the best managing with your injury and sorting through all that needs to be sorted before the big trek back to Canada. We are in Winnipeg at the moment and I’m finding the silence defeaning! All this to say – best wishes!!

    • Thanks… I am able to get around, but at a slower pace. It is getting better. The count down is on with days to go and so much to still sort and pack. You think you’re done when you find more and more…

      • Oh yeah! International moves are always more complicated!

        Right now I’m contending with all the boxes I left stored at my folks… um… 13 years ago… Thinking I MIGHT be back after a year or so… now I have only a couple hours remaining tomorrow to get through and decide: 1- Go with to India, 2 – Keep & be prepared to pay a stupid amount to ship at a later date if required 3 – Get rid of completely,

        • It is hard to decide. We left things in storage. We lucked out in a good price and it came in handy. I didn’t have enough time to properly sort it before we left, so I think it will now be easier to give away since I didn’t miss it in 5 years. However, this side is hard since I have all my favourite story books and resources for school… and tailor made clothes. I just cannot part with them all. We are now up to 6 cases (3 each). Luckily 2 people going home live close enough they took a bag each. I am now afraid of weight, so I hope I do not need to buy more bags just because of weight. It is cheaper than shipping though. My work contract changed, so we must pay it all ourselves too.

          • Yes definitely paying for an extra bag is cheaper than luggage if flying directly to your destination. And lucky you having friends who could bring some back for you.

            The extra kicker comes if you are then doing any kind of stop domestically where they are quite strict about the 23 kilo limit per checked in bag. We just barely made it within the limit for our Winnipeg – Toronto flight by wearing the heaviest clothes/shoes and hand carrying few heavier gifts for family in T.O.

            I know well the challenge of sifting through tailor made clothes – not like you can easily get that back in Canada! However I find it easier to let go of clothes than books…

            • Luckily we are direct. We are bringing our cat, so I couldn’t imagine a stop over. We are pushing it now! She is also my carry on, so that limits my space. I could never leave her behind, so I will figure it out.

        • Good luck with your move too. Maybe hang onto a few of those things and see how you feel after a few months. If you miss it, need it or want it ask someone to ship it then. Or better yet bring it to you when they visit!

          • Um… these are boxes I left with my folks in.. erm… 2003! I do miss some… including books written by folks who have become friends over the years… but homes in Mumbai are MUCH smaller than homes in Canada. Sigh…

            • Oh dear… hard call. I totally get it as we filled all our cases and bought another. I STILL have things to pack. I hate to throw anything away since they are my school books and resources that were hard to find, expensive and may not be available any more. When we go home we may end up in a small apartment, so I think if I get it all home will I have paid for shipping for nothing?

              • Nah.. even a small apartment has the capacity to ‘flex’ with the right organisation. Try to think – will I really use this 10 years from now? (ok – maybe 5)… if the answer is ‘probably’ then just bring it along. 🙂

                • Well all the things left are clothes that I wear now. After surgery last fall I had swelling and many things didn’t fit. Slowly I am getting back into them. So if I throw away things I will have nothing to wear 😉 We didn’t collect tacky knick knacks … so the things here need to go home. It is the stuff back home in storage that we need to sort, throw away and remove.

  8. Ouch. Hope your toe is on the mend now. It will be exciting to hear how your plans develop. What an amazing experience to have lived and worked in such a meaningful way in China. More power to you!

    • Thanks… it was quite the adventure. We will miss many things, but time to head home too. The toe is healing well and not as tender.

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