As one door closes a new one will open: WP

How fitting this week’s photo challenge from WP is DOORS. I love taking photos of doors, but with us leaving China I decided to use the ordinary everyday doors to our apartment. Very soon we will lock the door for the last time.

As one door closes a new one will open.

This is very literal for us as we will leave in a few short days. We will leave Shanghai ‘forever’ as our expat life comes to an end. After 5 years living and working abroad it has been a mix of emotions. Leaving friends and familiar places we love is hard. Going home to family, fresh air and a slower pace also has its advantages. A few tears have been shed, but the one thing I will be sure to miss is the people. The friends I have made -good friends.

As I said in my leaving speech…

The time must come for us all to leave

now I am heading home

We spent 5 years in China

and Asia we did roam.

I taught Year 3 and Year 1

and learned a few things too.

Like Ni Hao, dizchan, itchyzhoh

er, are, san just to name a few.

My time here was well spent

busy with plans and such.

My Chinese language learning,

as you can see — not so much.            CTB 😀 2015

So my doors look at my building entrance and our apartment door that has been decorated by a previous tenant with the Chinese symbols.

Building 23 entrance

Building 23 entrance


apartment door

apartment door

Stay tuned….




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25 thoughts on “As one door closes a new one will open: WP

  1. Well CTB, we chose a similar approach this week. We too are moving – not to another country but to another area and a smaller home. It’s one door opening while the other closes for me too. Good luck with the next adventure and happy homecoming to you!

  2. Hope you find your feet quickly again in Canada, they should move 🙂

  3. I wish you enough.

    • Xie Xie… with a tropical storm heading this way and flight delays due to labour disputes I may need it to keep me sane!

  4. Good luck!

  5. Freda Goulet

    Welcome back to Canada…good luck…I hope you find a job you are happy with…enjoy your summer here at home!!

  6. Best wishes!! Always mixed feelings with moving…

    In a completely unrelated topic thought you would be amused – this year I will manage to celebrate Canada Day both in Canada i.e. Toronto on 1st July and in India i.e. Mumbai on 16th July as the consulate celebration was postponed due to the CGs travel.

    Safe journeys and all the best as you open your next door!

    • We went to get the cat’s health check on Canada day. I said how fitting 🙂 She got into Canada with no troubles… all of 2 minutes. Now she just needs to pass her citizenship exam… the oral will be hard 🙂 Ha ha ha. We got back without issue and after a long delay and being very tired we are settling back into life here and enjoying the blue skies and fresh air.

      • Lucky pudder tat!

        My partner and I were stuck for 3 hours at immigration in Vancouver airport as he’s flagged – once upon a time he had immigration then voluntarily gave it up. So each time he returns, it is as though they up the ‘punishment’ level for daring to abandon the opportunity.

        I’m already missing the blue skies and fresh air!! Back home in Mumbai it is overcast and so muggy my sweat is sweating. 🙂

        • The temperature has been comfortable and lovely here 🙂 Loving it!!! I’ll have to post a photo for you to soak it all in.
          Kitty is very lucky -she has traveled more than some people!
          Immigration for 3 hours… yucky!

          • Except Toronto 30 June, the weather we had all across Canada was gorgeous! Vancouver was stunning and Winnipeg too just trotted out the beautiful blue skies with only a light smattering of rain once.

            Does sound like a well travelled kitty! And will look forward to more pics and posts!

            • Our flight was delayed due to a bad storm in Toronto July 6/7th. I guess it was muggy, but since then lovely!
              I feel like some socialite with kitty in her little carry on bag 😉 hee hee

              • Hahaha! I’m just picturing trotting around with kitty in tow!! Perhaps peaking out of some outrageous designer bag, naturally as you sport matching oversized sunglasses!

                • LOL I was NOT that fashionable as I had on my comfy clothes, UG boots (too big and heavy to pack). Whatever you can do to save weight and space. 🙂 Kitty was in a lovely bright pink bag. She camouflaged inside. No one really noticed. On the plane a young Chinese girl did and her face just lit up. She so wanted to come over, but her dad wouldn’t let her.

                  • Heck I shamelessly sport practically PJ like comfy clothes if I have long haul / overnight flights. 😉 And I’d be with the girl face lit up wanting to play with kitty!!

                    • I saw a guy in Vancouver airport with a camouflage onsie on!Couldn’t miss him since he was almost 7 feet tall. Nothing can be as bad as that 😉

                    • OMG?!?!?! I’m having a nightmare just with the mental picture!!! Sheesh!!

                      My version could actually pass for ‘street’ clothes… especially here in India.

                      Oh shudder! Had another flash of just how insane that 7′ camouflage onsie musta been….

                    • It was SO funny. If I wasn’t in customs where photos are not allowed I would have tried to snap one. That same trip I saw a guy waiting for customs with a beer in his hand. Yes BEER! Now this is why I travel!!!!

                    • Seriously?? Beer at customs? Groan!! Crazy! Just which airport were you traveling through / from / to???

                    • The beer that was in Shanghai… the onesie was in Canada!

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