Canadian Crazy -Giant Marshmallows

Now back in Canada I cannot see the “Shanghai Sillies”, but driving the other day I saw a “Canadian Crazy”. From a distance it looked like a field of giant marshmallows.

Field of Giant Marshmallows

Field of Giant Marshmallows

Currently I am in Alberta, Canada a 3 day drive across country, from Southern Ontario. Stay tuned for some of our driving adventures.


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6 thoughts on “Canadian Crazy -Giant Marshmallows

  1. Are you happy to be back? Hope all is well!

    • Yes home is always home. I do miss Shanghai and friends that are still there. Today is the first day of school and I really miss being there and seeing my former students. It is bitter sweet.

  2. Are these mushrooms! Wow!

    • Ha ha I should have asked what people thought they were. No they are bales of hay wrapped in white plastic instead of the usual plastic/wire mesh.

  3. I wonder if the hay inside tastes sweet to the animals who eat it?

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