Fadoodle Faces #5

Continuing on with my silly theme of faces in nature here is another. This face is a little harder to spot… Can you see it?

Long Face

Long Face

I challenged you to tell me what Fadoodle means and thanks to Quiall and my Aunt Freda for their guesses. Faces in a doodle was Quiall’s guess and Faces on Food was my Aunt Freda’s definition. Drum roll please…. fadoodle means nonsense, ridiculous or foolish. I thought it was fitting since the faces in my photos are in nature or food. How silly is that? Faces are not meant to be there!

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If you have a cool face and want to share, link to it and tell us about it in the comment section below. In your post please give me a ping back to this post (or a previous fadoodle faces) so we can all share and easily find them. Can we see what you see?


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6 thoughts on “Fadoodle Faces #5

  1. That’s quite a nose!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Thanks for the clarification…I shall be looking for silly fadoodle faces everywhere…and when I find one, I shall think of you, Diana!

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