Flash Mob for Ellen

By chance I saw a billboard advertising a flash mob for Ellen. I love watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show, so I went in search of finding more. The dance was to be held at Cowboys Casino, here in Calgary, to welcome the new Ellen slot machines that the casino just acquired. One of the employees also loves the Ellen show, so she decided to do a flash mob and post it to Ellen Tube, You Tube and on their Cowboys Facebook page. You can watch it here for Ellen Tube and here for You Tube. Can you spot me in the crowd?

Ellen Video Flash Mob

Ellen Video Flash Mob

Cowboys has asked us to share the video and hopefully get noticed by Ellen. Share away on twitter, Facebook and blogs. If you share don’t forget the hashtag #laughdanceplay



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5 thoughts on “Flash Mob for Ellen

  1. Watched it twice and so far haven’t succeed in “Where’s CTB”

    • I am in the back… I was in the front and then they made us move onto the machines to look like we were playing the games. In the back I was blocked by the ‘tall’ people. I caught a glimpse of myself a few times, so I promise I am there. Thanks for looking.

  2. Loved it! Made me want to get up and join in:)

    • It was a lot of fun. We had a routine to learn. It was on their facebook so I practised at home first. We all practised together for an hour before they filmed us and some of us practised on our own while we waited.

  3. This is so cool! Thank you for making me smile 😉 Will tweet the video with #laughdanceplay Good call!

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