Fadoodle Faces #6

Depending on how you look at this you can see 2 different faces. One looks like a cat with whiskers, which is what drew me into it.

Fadoodle Feline or Masculine Face?

Fadoodle Feline or Masculine Face?


This is a theme I started a few weeks back called Fadoodle Faces, meaning nonsense or foolish. Check them out here:

If you have a cool face and want to share, link to it and tell us about it in the comment section below. In your post please give me a ping back to this post (or a previous fadoodle faces) so we can all share and easily find them. Can we see what you see?

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5 thoughts on “Fadoodle Faces #6

  1. Feline shines out to me!

    • I saw the ‘whiskers’ and thought cat, so I snapped the pic… but as I posted it I spotted another ‘face’ is possible higher up on the tree.

  2. I see the cat too. Now looking closer I can only see the man’s face. Such clever markings.

    • All part of nature… I am discovering little faces are everywhere! Watching a TV program the other day someone commented Native Americans feel those faces are spirits and sometimes let themselves be seen in nature. I think that is a cool way to think about it.

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