My Happy Place -WP Photo Challenge

Last week the theme for WP was “Happy Place. I had an idea right away, but due to travelling home for a few days I hadn’t the chance to post until now. Even though a new theme has been posted I couldn’t let My Happy Place go.

The question was where do you go to unwind, escape and get away from it all? I couldn’t pick just one so I have included a few of my happy places below.

  1. The sky…

In Shanghai we didn’t get clear blue skies often, but when we did I would stare at the clouds and blue sky. Evenings I loved to take in the colourful sunsets with the Shanghai skyline silhouetted.Β  Back home I enjoy the clear skies, fluffy clouds and colourful sunsets too. Even though they are a regular occurrence I never tire of them.The other night a colourful and unusual cloud pattern danced across the sky. I couldn’t resist.

Patterns and sunsets in the sky

Patterns and sunsets in the sky

2. The beach…

The warm sun and sand beneath my feet with the soft surf relaxing every cell in my body…ahhhh. Need I say more? As a child we went to the Atlantic Ocean and walking on the sand looking for shells or throwing stones into the surf was fun. As an adult I have been lucky enough to visit beaches all over the world. The best was the little cabins we stayed in the Philippines where the sound of the waves lulled me to sleep. The powdery beaches in Cuba are phenomenal as well. Whenever stressed I enjoy looking at a beach pic on my computer desk top.

The waves, soft sands and warm sun

The waves, soft sands and warm sun

3. The mountains…

Since I have been out in Calgary the mountains are a short drive away. The fresh air and smell of pine is so relaxing. The view of the snow capped mountains from the city are spectacular, but up close even better. The surreal blue of Lake Louise is something to see.

The mountains, blue lakes and smell of pine.

The mountains, blue lakes and smell of pine.

4. Books…

Escape with a good book

Escape with a good book

The absolute best is a book. After a long day it is nice to curl up with a book to help you de-stress and fall asleep. A good book is great to lose yourself in and shut off the busy day.


What is your happy place?


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16 thoughts on “My Happy Place -WP Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    My “Happy Place”has always been a good book…I don’t think that will ever change!

  2. Wow, The mountains, blue lakes and smell of pine! Love it, CT!!

  3. Odd perhaps but my happy place is inside my own mind.

  4. Mountains, mountains, mountains!! πŸ™‚

    • They are pretty special. After living in a big city for 5 years it is a nice change. The ultimate and original sky scrapers!
      Thanks for the visit πŸ™‚

  5. Margie

    My happy place is at home!

    • Good to ‘see’ you again. I have been a naughty blogger and not visiting as much any more. With moving, being ill, and looking for work I have been a bad neighbour.
      Home is a good ‘happy place’. Makes me think of the Wizard of Oz…. There’s no place like home…. πŸ™‚

  6. Love this post! How is the transition going returning home? Are you settled yet? Do you miss China? Canada is such a beautiful open and vast place. It probably feels great to be back.

    • It is great to be home. I am enjoying the free time, visiting and hiking. We are not settled since it hinges on me and a job. I had something lined up, but has been put on hold. I am getting antsy, so I started to look for something else instead of playing the waiting game. I do miss China and our friends there. It has made me sad, so I will find myself chatting to Chinese people here and going to the Asian market for a little solace πŸ™‚ It reaffirms my connection. I love being home and there were many reasons to come back, but there is things we will always miss. I think once I get working I will feel more settled. Thanks for asking Nicole.

      • Wonderful ! Thanks for keeping me posted. It must be pretty cool to speak in Chinese! πŸ™‚

        • I know a few words and phrases and after 5 years I wish I was more fluent. I just started to get the tones figured out when we left. It is a super hard language to learn.

          • Yes I can’t imagine learning such a difficult language!!!

            • It is all about the tones and we just don’t have the ear for them at first. Listening to them for 5 years and then looking at it from the phonics approach I started to be more successful. It took me 4 years to get my street correct! Zihaui Lu…. Dz-ha-why lou. It was about tone, speed and how tired I was to get it right πŸ˜‰

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