Fadoodle Faces #7

After a short break the faces are back πŸ™‚ Speaking of BACK, happy #BackToTheFutureDay . Today is the day back in 1989 in Back To The Future 2 that was the “Future”… Oct. 21, 2015. How fun is that? So we can take a time machine back to the past… and see how things look in the present. The native Americans believe the faces we spot in rock are ancient spirits allowing themselves to be seen, showing themselves to the present. OK the link is a stretch, but enjoy the faces in nature.

I spotted this while hiking the trail in Lake Louise to the Plain of the Six Glaciers Tea House last month.

Spirits in the rock peeking out to be spotted.

Spirits in the rock peeking out to be spotted.

How many faces can you spot in this image? I spotted the first obvious face, but looking at the photo carefully I have spotted about 11 faces. One is a pair that looks like they are kissing. πŸ˜‰ Can you see what I see?

Check out more faces in my previous posts if you missed them. In case you missed it, Fadoodle Faces means nonsense or foolish.

Have a face photo you found in nature or everyday items? Why not write a post about it and tell us about it in the comments below so we can see what you see. Then add a ping back over here so we can all share in the fadoodle faces.


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4 thoughts on “Fadoodle Faces #7

  1. No I can only find six!

  2. Wow 11 – you definitely have a better imagination than me! I have at least spot 2:)

    • The 2 kinda are in profile on the rock. The others I found in the pattern of light and dark of the rock. Thanks so much for playing along.

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