Winter Wonderland

Winter has arrived in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. In the Rocky Mountains of Alberta snow has been falling regularly over the last few weeks. In Lake Louise in a 24 hour period 54cm fell. We happened to be there that day and look at the fantastic views.


Lake Louise. Along the path to the Lake. A small ‘cabin’ near the Chateau Lake Louise.

Unfortunately the turquoise lake was under a thin layer of ice and the heavy snow blocked out the majestic mountain view. The snowflakes were quiet and wrapped the area in a surreal silence.

Banff -The snowy walk pack to the parking lot from the Hot Springs

Banff -The snowy walk pack to the parking lot from the Hot Springs

You may have wondered where I have been lately. It has been weeks since I posted anything. I have taken to Twitter and have been using it more frequently to do a quick post right from my phone. You can get the link to my Twitter feed to the right of the posts. I don’t think you need an account to view, but may to comment and like. I will try to get back here more frequently and post.


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29 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Beautiful pictures πŸ’

  2. Great photos of the snow πŸ™‚

  3. Magical photos! I link to twitter but that’s about all and I’ve also just joined Instagram but I don’t get it yet!

    • Ha ha… so many things to manage. I know if I post here it links to twitter and any tweets show up on my sidebar. Twitter has just been easier lately to post something short, sweet and quick!

  4. Beautiful!! Looks magical.

    • I have been enjoying the snow and finding the ‘joy’ in it since we haven’t seen a real winter in 5 years. I am sure the cold and snow will get old real fast πŸ˜‰

      • Yes it gets hard but that is why you plan a trip south!

        • Well…. we are moving south. Hubby got an offer to work in a place with summer all year ’round! More details to come.

          • WOW! Where?!!!! I’m dying to know. What does your husband do? That sounds so exciting. Are you moving to the US or even further south like South America?! Very excited for you!

            • We are heading to the Cayman’s. He is a plumber. I am hoping to get on with the international school there. I am still in shock and think I am dreaming.

              • Wow that is fantastic! How fabulous! You both are lucky that you have skills that can let you work anywhere. I had been to the Caymans when I was a teenager and remember loving how you could walk right from the beach with a snorkel on and see amazing fish. Congratulations!!!!

                • It will be a new adventure. I think this will be a nice change after the pollution of Shanghai and the cold in Canada. I won’t be able to go until summer, so I’ll get to experience one more winter. The plan is that I will go for a holiday to break up our time apart. It’s hard to be apart for more than a few weeks. We’ve done it before with the longest stretch around 10 weeks. We said never again…. Oh well here we go again. The end result will be worth it though.

                  • Yes it will be worth it! I can’t imagine being apart but then again absence makes the heart grow fonder and thank goodness for Skype! You will be there in no time!

                    • We have had to do it before and it is never fun. Skype does help! I plan on breaking up the time and going for a few weeks around Easter.

  5. Can’t believe you have snow already!

    • In the city there hasn’t been much. We have seen it a few times, but short lived. Lake Louise is 3000m or 10000ft above sea level, so they have snow year round on the mountain tops. Where we are from in Ontario have been enjoying the late fall and even summery temps. I’m OK with the snow for now and enjoying it. I almost missed it for 5 years. πŸ˜‰

  6. So beautiful!

  7. Woah! I forgot all about Canadian winters until I saw your pics, and I must admit, that I don’t miss that at all. Lol. It does look absolutely gorgeous from afar though. πŸ˜€

    • I was loving it. I kinda missed snow since we rarely got any in Shanghai. Yesterday the temps dipped to -15 -20c due to an Arctic air flow and I said OK enough I’m done with winter πŸ˜‰ HAHA

  8. That much snow leaves me awed.

    • I know right? I have never seen so much snow. Where I am from in Southern Ontario we don’t get as much as that. It was so pretty…. I felt like I was in a holiday card.

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