Willow Wrapping Presents

Willow is having her first Winter and Christmas in Canada. She has seen snow for the first time. The first snowfall freaked her out at the big feathery flakes fell from the sky. The second snow she ventured out on the balcony to touch and sniff it. She even stepped into the snow that was 4-5cm deep.

She has also seen a Christmas tree for the first time. In China, we had a small decorative tree about 12 cm tall. This year we put up a 7 foot tree and I was sure she would attempt to climb it, or play with the decorations. Willow has taken it all in stride, a tree in the living room? Why not?

Helping wrap the gifts

Helping wrap the gifts

However, she was not so reserved when I was wrapping the presents. She had to ‘help’ by sitting and laying on the paper. Cats and paper… need I say more?

I love her face in the one shot and I am trying to think of a good caption. Any ideas what she could be saying? Add it in the comment below. I will pick my favourite(s) and post them next week.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

Happy holidays.


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20 thoughts on “Willow Wrapping Presents

  1. John

    I’m outta tape!

  2. John

    You’re never gonna believe what I got you for Christmas. Go check the litter box!

  3. John

    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Buurrrppp!

  4. John

    I didn’t peek, but did you get me catnip for Christmas?


  6. I hope you’re not planning to send my catnip to someone else?

  7. Why are there no lines on the paper? How do I cut a straight line?

  8. “Back off and let me shred this pretty paper!” We will shortly after Xmas have a kitten – she came for a “play date” and also managed to not wreck havoc on the tree but paper? Fair game! πŸ™‚

    • Oh kittens… so cute, but crazy! I forgot what kittens were like. We got Willow at 5 months and she was a ball of energy. We trained her well over and over and over! It was worth it since now she is well behaved -most of the time. Cats always are independent and do what they want.
      Like the comments too πŸ™‚

  9. Amy C.

    What???? You didn’t get me a gift?

  10. Kate C.

    You didn’t wrap it right!

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