Beautiful Lake Louise in Winter

As winter comes to a close and CTB will be saying good-bye to winter forever (???), as we prepare to move to the Caribbean, I wanted to share some images of the Great Canadian icon in winter. Lake Louise, a short drive from Calgary, feels like it is a world away. You have seen the photos of the surreal turquoise waters, but have you seen it in winter? It is stunning, breath-taking and surreal in a new way. The elevation allows for great snowfall amounts. The trees look like they are covered in icing and the views look like a movie back drop. The dry cold makes you soon realise it is for real.

In late November, once the lake is completely frozen, the Chateau Lake Louise builds an ice castle and skating rink. Cross country skiing, snow shoeing and horse-drawn rides are also things to enjoy. Not far from the Chateau you can even go for dogsled rides! In January, there is an ice carving contest. As long as the weather allows, the ice sculptures sparkle in the sunlight and add to the surrounding landscapes. We enjoyed just walking in the snow and taking in the beauty of it all. Soon this will be traded in for hot temperatures and new vistas. I feel like Frederick from Leo Leoni’s book and soak it all into committing and etching it to memory.


Frozen - Lake Louise in a new way

Frozen – Lake Louise in a new way


The Ice Castle on the Lake


The boat house cabin patiently waiting for the spring thaw

The boat house cabin patiently waiting for the spring thaw

Have you ever been to Lake Louise?

Stay tuned…


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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Lake Louise in Winter

  1. Wow, so much snow! Spring has come a month early to us in Minnesota. It is crazy! When are you moving? I bet you are getting so excited!

    • There is still a lot of snow in the mountains. On that first trip it had snowed already early November. It snowed 30-40cm that day alone! That was mid November. My hubby went off the path to see how deep it was and it was over his waist. Locals said this year is less than usual and December and January didn’t see a lot of snow. Thanks to El Nino. There is so much snow and it will be cold enough to stick around… It doesn’t melt until late spring! My second trip to Alberta was late April- early May and the lake was still frozen, still snow and cold. They still have lots of snow . Spring skiing is open until sometime in May! In the city of Calgary we had no snow for Feb. It was really mild and some crocus are starting to pop up green shoots. However, it is March and still spring, so the weather is unpredictable. They are calling for snow this week here in the city. Hopefully it won’t be too much.
      I will be moving in July, but I will be going to Cayman for Easter and staying there a few weeks. I am getting excited and started packing… hoping that will make the time arrive faster 🙂

  2. Yes I’ve been – but only in summer! Predictably for a family wedding…. 🙂 Truly quite a gorgeous place. Lovely to see pics in the winter. 🙂

    • It is beautiful in every season. I can’t decide what I like more. The lovely water or the surreal snow. I do miss the hike and smell of pine though, so maybe summer is best.
      I have seen a few weddings there this year. What an amazing back drop!

  3. Once the the 1970’s in the summer. It was beautiful. I would love to see it in the winter, your photos make it look so wonderful!

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