Cayman Landscapes -Photo Challenge

I promised I would post more and get back to my weekly schedule, but then I came to the Cayman Islands. Aaaahhhh… My day is filled with sunshine, blue skies and swimming in the pool.

Hubby is at work, but somehow my days are still full. Weekends we head out and explore the island that will soon be my home too. The island is flat and most buildings are not more than 3-4 stories. Talk about culture shock from home and Shanghai. However, the beach landscape is something not to be missed. Crystal turquoise seas, soft powdery white sands and endless blue skies. I couldn’t pass up on the weekly photo challenge from WP – Landscape.


7 Mile Beach -sunset with a view

7 Mile Beach -sunset with a view

Palms fill the skyline vs the skyscrapers of Shanghai

Palms fill the skyline vs the skyscrapers of Shanghai

My days are numbered and soon I will be heading back to Ontario to spend a few days with family before returning out west. BUT… Only 3 short months before I return and start a new expat life.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

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15 thoughts on “Cayman Landscapes -Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    You lucky gal…snow here yesterday!

    • I saw that on twitter… more snow Sun-Mon than all of Dec and Jan combined! Crazy! Calgary has been warm and summer like too with 19-22c last weekend and this weekend I saw 25 in the forecast! I guess one thing about Mother Nature you can’t miss winter. It will get you eventually!

  2. You’re headed there? Wow! Beautiful country!

    • I am here now and in total will be here around 3 weeks. Hubby got a job and was here since January. I stayed home since it came up quickly. I had just started working and hated to quit right away. We also have to do paper work for us and our little cat. Ours takes a week or 2 and kitty takes up to 6 months (due to results and waiting periods). I also wanted to get a job lined up before living here. So to make the time more bearable I came for a holiday. I hope to come again before the big move. It is beautiful with the sandy beaches and sunsets.

  3. Oh lucky you! It is so incredibly beautiful! Will you be teaching there? Love the photos!

    • Thanks Nicole. I have enjoyed the sunsets. Each night they are a little different. It has been a nice escape to get to see the sites and settle in a bit before living here full time.
      As to teaching… I hope so. The international schools didn’t have primary positions that I qualify for. The rules to hiring are also complicated. However, I have a few more applications that I am waiting on, so fingers crossed they work out.

      • I wish I could be somewhere warm! It is freezing again here in Minnesota. Hope you keep your blog running when you move so I can see all the sunsets!

        • Yes I will for sure! Since I have been home I have been using Twitter more since it is so fast. Once away I will probably blog more again since it is easier to share pics and stories with families that way. I have tried to stick to the once a week schedule, but not always enough to write about 😉

  4. The stuff of dreams!

  5. Lovely, I have such an urge to Photoshop out that light pole.

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