Our Future: WP Photo Challenge

No one can know what the future will bring, but hopes, dreams and aspirations will drive us forever forward.                                                                                      CTB:D 2016

Where to next? As the sign points in all directions our future choices are endless.

Where to next? As the sign points in all directions our future choices are endless.

For this WP challenge on FUTURE I knew right away I needed to post a photo of the Cayman Islands, soon to be my new home and hubby’s current home. Soon as I saw this photo I knew it was it. When I took this snap I didn’t think of the future, only the beautiful sunset and pointing to places all over the world. However, when I was going through my photos today I thought it was a perfect example of future.

The sun is setting on my vacation time here, but my next trip in the future will be to live. Pointing to all the cities shows me where I come from and where I may go in the next in the future… for vacation, or who knows maybe to live. In my wildest dreams China wasn’t on my travel bucket list, nor Cayman and here we are. You never know where the future will lead to next, but it always starts with one step.

Change on the horizon

Change on the horizon

Stay tuned…

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9 thoughts on “Our Future: WP Photo Challenge

  1. It is a thought provoking picture! (And challenge) Beautiful.

  2. This theme is perfect for yuo isn’t it? When do you go, I look forward to seeing lots of photos!

    • I have been here for 3 weeks and today is my last full day 😦 Tomorrow I return home to finish out the school year with work. I will be moving back full time this summer. However, hubby and I are trying to plan another time when I can come for a short visit to break up the next 3 months.

  3. CTB, so great to see you back again! Was thinking of you with my Shanghai post this week. Somehow I think the air in the Caymans may be a bit better for you!!! Will watch with interest as your future unfolds my friend! I admire your sense of adventure!

    • Thanks Tina… we look foreward to the new adventure.
      I have been around, but not much lately. Over the last month I am starting to get back into the blog again. I have liked Twitter lately since it is quick and right from my smart phone.

  4. These are absolutely stunning photos, perfect for the Future theme.

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