Abstract: WP Photo Challenge

Walking the streets of Toronto I spotted something unique, different and unusual. It just caught my eye. I snapped this pic and how appropriate for this week’s theme Abstract set by Word Press.



What do you think it is? Post your ideas in the comments below.

Stay tuned…

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24 thoughts on “Abstract: WP Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    I have no idea…but it certainly is unique…great capture!

  2. Well, it is a very cool Photo! I think it may be staples, am I right?

  3. Every city dweller knows what this is! It is staples on some sort of board or post. People staple up signs; lost cat, ride needed, car for sale, great party…etc. etc. Nice capture!

  4. Very weird… at first I thought hurdles, then matchsticks but then maybe staples? or is it bigger than that.. very strange.

  5. ????

  6. It looks a bit like staples, but why would there be so many of them?

  7. Big staples?

  8. A message / poster board…outside

  9. Very nice entry for this week’s challenge. I’m stumped, though.

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