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Willow Wednesday #4

Time again for another Willow Wednesday. Who doesn’t love funny pictures of pets? Come on admit it you have spent hours watching silly animal videos on You Tube 😉 Willow looks like a prairie dog here up on her hind legs. This is not a usual pose, but a sound or knock on the door piqued her curiosity.


Silly Pose – cat or prairie dog?

If you have a funny photo of your pet, or any animal, attach the link in the comment section below. Also I would appreciate a link back here, so we can find each other and share a giggle of all the funny animals.

Want more Willow? Then be sure to check out Willow Wednesday #1, 2 and 3.

Stay tuned…

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A Market For Everything

It seems like Shanghai has a market for everything. Want new clothes made, go to the Fabric Market. Need some electronics then the electronic market. How about souvenirs, luggage, knock offs? There is a market for that too. I have shown you Art Street, a sort of market for paintings. A class trip even brought us to a flower market. I needed new glasses, where did I go? The glasses market of course! Spread across the city there is a market for a variety of things, whatever your needs. I have stumbled on some, explored others and have many more to discover.


A market I heard about my first year here has been on my ‘do-to’ list for a while. We had visitors from home last week and they love shopping.  I decided we should take them to see more of ‘real’ China and explore a market that would be filled with sights, sounds, smells and crowds. The market in question was a bird and insect market. The market promised a variety of interesting insects, many of them crickets used for fighting. Small birds and other pets would also be housed here. Now it is not your Western Pet Store, so a warning of cramped and crowded conditions was mentioned in the description as I searched for the address of the location.


After a wrong turn we found our way jostled by people cramped on a crowded, narrow sidewalk. We eventually made our way to doorway leading to the market. Immediately cricket chirping deafened our ears. Pushy people came pouring in as we stopped and adjusted our senses to all we were seeing and hearing. Stalls and small storefronts no larger than a small closet lined the maze of rows of stalls. Our first section houses turtles, fish and crickets. At the next turn were small birds and bamboo cages. As we neared the end hamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies were for sale, housed in cages and small plastic containers or boxes.

Most of the patrons were locals with a sprinkling of tourists or western expats  like us wanting to snap some interesting photos. Most vendors did not notice or care, but some shooed us on saying ‘NO’ when they spotted us raise our camera. The market was not as big or interesting as the one we saw in Hong Kong, but a cool side trip not far from Xintiandi and YuYuan Garden. The address is:  South Xizang Rd, 西藏南路 From Line 10 get off at Laoximen. It is only a short walk from the metro. Turn right out of the subway away from the Bread Talk and Electronics store.

Stay tuned….

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Travel Theme: Contrast

Ailsa over at Where’s My Back Pack has set CONTRAST as her weekly theme. Here are my examples.


This small star fish I found in Vietnam has the contrast of black and white on opposite sides.


The cute little puppy at the DMZ in South Korea has contrasting eye colour.



Be sure to check out more here.

Stay tuned… for my up coming post on our recent trip to Beijing or check out my last post on the weekly photo theme UP.

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Pussy Willow Tails

There is always so much I want to write and post about, but due to time to think, edit and compile photos I am taking the easy way out again this week. BUT I thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on our little furry addition to our family. If you recall last November we introduced Willow a little exotic short hair kitten. Exotic short hairs are a cross between Persians (hence the squishy face) and the American Short hair(playful & active personality). They are also called the lazy man’s Persians since they are low shed and need no brushing. Well I found that part true until the last month when I have found strands and tufts of fur everywhere!

Please NO Photos

Please NO Photos

Willow was a quiet little kitten who was so shy and laid in my arms for a few hours as we debated, bargained and discussed getting her. After a day or two in her new home she got over her shyness and became quite the personality. She is funny and quirky. Willow is pretty active and runs around for hours chasing her toy mice and flinging them in the air. Being very busy with work I spend most time at home on the computer or marking. She quickly adapted and now brings her toys to me and I throw them to which she will fetch and return until she tires. Yes a dog cat who plays fetch.

Willow is also a climber and part monkey. Shelves, tables, clothes drying rack… all fair game. Living in an apartment is not exactly made for a climbing cat. I would love to get her one of those massive crazy cat ‘trees’, but how would I get that in a suitcase back to Canada? She will just have to wait until we go home.

For a young kitten she is clever. She knows when I am in search of her lost toys and will come to help. One day I laid the toys our on a chair as I found them, but 2 were still unaccounted for. When I returned that night only 1 missing toy. I thought I must have been mistaken and it was there all along. No one else was home, so what else could it be? Well the next morning all the toys were laid out on the chair. I am NOT making this up! A cat that cleans up their toys!

Wasn't Me

Wasn’t Me

Well sometimes…

She is naughty, it goes hand in hand with being clever! She knows she isn’t suppose to scratch the furniture and soon as I look over she pretends to do something else. Willow has gotten on tables and sneaks about until I catch her and then she runs to hide. She sometimes talks back when I look at her doing something wrong. She will meow like “what?” Cat with attitude… must be in her teenage phase 😉

She is cute as a button though and you can’t stay mad for long. She is light and dark grey with tabby markings. On each side she has a bullseye, circle shape. Her fur also has a beige tinge, so she looks pinkish. Those eyes are priceless with an orange/brown hue. They freak out my brother though. He thinks they look like snake eyes. She loves pillows and will burrow behind them to sleep; her own kitty cat cave. The quirkiest thing is her love of maple granola bars! I was eating one and a crumb fell on the floor and she gobbled it up. She now knows the sound of the wrapper and will bug until she gets some. She doesn’t bother me for other foods, just oatmeal granola whether it oatmeal cereal or granola bars. Should make her transition back to Canada easier 😉

Willow is growing and is no longer able to fit in the crook of 1 arm. I really noticed her growth after I went to Canada for 2 weeks over Chinese New Year. She is 9 months old and almost full grown. She is great company and keeps me entertained. John has been away the last few months and will return shortly. I am sure he will be surprised at her size.

Lazy Days in the Cozy Cat Cave

Lazy Days in the Cozy Cat Cave

Do you have any pets? What is something interesting or funny they do?

Stay tuned…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I saw this large tusk in a shop window in Hong Kong… it was massive. I had to take the photo at an odd angle to fit in all in. When you got closer and looked you could see all the detailed carvings of animals. There must have been hundreds of the intricate carvings along this tusk.

Large carved tusk

Large carved tusk

The amount of detail was lost until you took a minute to look closer.

Up close all the animals appeared!

Up close all the animals appeared!

Thanks to word press for this week’s theme. Check out their web page here to join in or see other examples. This week’s theme comes from a guest poster, a fellow Canadian, who is the featured photographer. His photograph was this week’s inspiration for the theme.

Stay tuned…


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Travel Theme: Circles

Around and Around and Around We Go…. Where We Stop Nobody Knows…. Not sure what this is from, but it sprang to mind as I started to write 😉

At first I didn’t think I had anything with circles then thought about the lovely grapes from a winery close by where I used to live in Niagara. As I was looking for that photo I stumbled upon many other possibilities and I included them here…

What do you think? What is your favourite?

Thanks Ailsa for another great photo challenge. If you would like to participate or see more follow the link to join in the weekly fun.

I am still here! YEA! So stay tuned for more…


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Introducing…. Weekly Photo Themes x4

Well as you know we got a new addition to our family, a kitten who will be 5 months old this week. After trying to pick a name we kept finding more and more ideas… making it harder to choose. Well with the help of some friends and my students the votes came in and I would like to introduce you to Willow!


She is light grey and white and has some interesting markings, stripes on her side, a circle too and little polka dots on her belly. She looks like a pussy willow, hence the idea for the name. Willow is full of energy and is very playful. She also loves to cuddle and gets into interesting positions as she sleeps. She purrs super loud, but never really meows. Today I actually heard 2 little mews come from her which is rare.

This weekend I played with her and she played with me as I tried to sweep and clean.  The broom is great fun when you are a cat. She enjoyed running through the piles of dirt I swept and then would try to eat the fuzzy dust bunnies! That is not saying I live in a barn, or on the street, but it gets really dusty here and you need to sweep almost everyday when you have hardwood floors. We went on an adventure back to the pet shop to pick up her paper work. The dog that lives in the shop gave me heck as I brought her back. I guess he liked her and was telling me off! Once he saw she was OK and sniffed out her crate he settled back down. We went by taxi and the last taxi driver home was intrigued by her. He asked what I had (or I think he did) and I said maio (ma-ow) and he kept wanting to see her at every stop. Willow was good in the car and just laid in her crate.

Sassy Willow playing with her furry mouse

A few people stopped by to see Willow and ewwed and ahhed over her. Mo even brought her a toy, which she loves. Thanks Mo!

I haven’t had a lot of time for posting this weekend, but as you would have it this week’s photo challenges all fit around Willow! Cee’s theme is pets (this is the first time I have participated in her challenge and I just couldn’t resist!) The weekly WordPress challenge is renewaland a new pet is a chance for renewal and healing for me after missing Holly so much. Ailsa’s theme of soft fits too… Willow’s fur is silky soft. Island Traveller has set create… and this is a stretch, but Willow has created a fun environment here with the endless hours of play and laughter with her silly antics. So what do you think do they all fit? Check out their pages to see more examples of each theme… and unrelated to Willow 😉


Thanks for reading… next week I will try to get back to things on China, I have a post that has been on hold for months! I will also try to do a photo challenge or two if I have time.

Stay tuned…

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New Addition

As you all know last spring I had to put my 16 year old cat Holly down. She became very ill and there was nothing the vet could do. I was very upset to have lost such a great companion. A few weeks ago we went into a pet store and I saw a lovely cat and started think about getting another. We went back to the store and it was sold. Today we went into the shops and saw a few, but none like the first one. We went into Jin qaio (Gin Chow) and saw a pet shop. We wandered inside and saw a cat like the other one we liked. It cuddled right into my arms and purred immediately. It was hard to put this little ball of fur back, so introducing the newest member of our family….

Our new bundle of fluff

Poor thing doesn’t have a name yet. She is grey in colour and we are thinking pearl, or willow… but maybe in Chinese since she was bought here. Any ideas?

Stay tuned….


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Weekly Travel Theme: Animals

October 4th was World Animal Day and Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack asked us to post some animals to celebrate. I love animals, especially cute and cuddly ones. I have held a Koloa and patted a Kangaroo in Australia, fed chipmunks and squirrels in Northern Ontario, swam with  dolphins in Cuba and had a pet cat for most of my life. So without further ado let me share some cuddly creatures.

Little Red Squirrel – Northern Ontario

Chipmunk, Northern Ontario

A Bear! Northern Ontario… out in the country.

And I saved the best for last… my much-loved Holly who was with us for almost 17 years.

Holly back in 2003

If you want to see more check out my post Viva La Cuba: Critters for some animals I came across in Cuba.

From Ailsa…. If you’d like to join in, here’s what to do:

  • Create your own post about animals and title it Travel Theme: Animals
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date on the latest weekly travel themes.

Check out her site here.

Stay tuned for more…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friends

This week Word Press has set out Friends as our Photo Challenge. Working with kids I have many photos of friends, but I am not sure if I could post those here without permission, so I went on a hunt in the archives. I love scenery photos and animals, so to find friend pics was hard. I did find some with friends, but thought how can I pick one friend and not another? I don’t want to offend anyone by posting something they find unflattering, or using one and not another. I think I was finding it all too hard since my first thought of friends was a great shot that I really wanted to post. Unfortunately it is on film and in a storage locker in Canada. It was a cool shot of my wonderful cat Holly and my school pet hamster, Critter. Holly loved Critter and took care of him like her baby. He loved her too especially her fur and would use her it to line his nest. Interesting set of friends that are hopefully together in pet heaven today.

I happened upon another animal friend pic though. My parent’s dog Molly loved Holly and would want to play with her, but Holly would have none of her antics. Molly would bark very loud and that was it, Holly would run away or swat Molly on the nose as if to say “BE QUIET!”. The friendship was all one-sided with Molly wanting Holly to like her so badly. We have all felt this at one time or another, the need and want to be liked or accepted by another. I think Holly secretly liked the attention and was just trying to play cool since it was her place, so her rules.

Next picture is of me and John on our honeymoon. He is my best friend, partner and soul mate. It is one of those ‘happily ever after stories’ that started with an instant connection. We make each other laugh and we both love adventure and travel. John has stayed by my side and encouraged me to take the big steps in life that I was too afraid to make on my own. With his promise to catch me if I fell I dared to leap.

Happily Ever After

Check out the main page to see more interpretations of Friends or post your photo and link back to the main page so we can all share. You don’t need to be an expert, just something captured on film.

Please play nice all images are property of CTB and cannot be used without my permission.

Stay tuned for more…

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