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Fleeting Moments: Weekly Photo Challenge

Everyday there are fleeting moments that pass us by and sometimes we are lucky enough to capture them on film. Living in Shanghai for the past 3 years there are many fleeting moments and seeing is believing. How many times have I only wished I had a camera with me, or had time to turn it on and capture the fleeting moment that just went past. I have been lucky to capture a few and here they are.

Last year a very beautiful small butterfly fluttered across our balcony. I had time to capture just one shot before it was gone again.


It always amazes me how much stuff they can balance on bikes and 3 wheel electric style trikes. They stack furniture, recyclable plastics, unwanted items, styrofoam pieces, wood all at odd angles and balanced precariously as they pedal it off. Once a large pile went passed and the fellow’s wife was nestled on the top of a pile that must have been 10 feet high off the ground. We only saw it once and I always wished I caught it on film. Last year I caught sight of a similar situation again, not as high, but just as impressive and funny to see. By the time I got the camera ready this is what I captured. After all it was a fleeting moment.


Look carefully for the lady on the top. You can just see her head and hat.

My last pic happened last year while driving to school. I have a small electric bike and I drive it the same way and the same time each day. This particular day a team of a bike riding club was across the street as I waited to cross the intersection. The group was so large that I ended up in the middle of it. I wanted to get a photo, but stopping was not an option since so many of the riders were ahead and behind me. I assumed they would stay on the main road, but they turned down the same road I take to school. I was able to safely stop in a driveway, get out the camera and take this photo as I was a part of the team for a fleeting moment. I have never seen this group again, so it was truly a fleeting moment.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” β€” Ferris Bueller

What fleeting moments do you have on film? Share them at Word Press, or add the link below in the comment section.

Stay tuned… I have more time this weekend, so I have another photo challenge to post. I haven’t posted anything extra the last few weeks, so I have something in the works πŸ™‚

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