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Vote for ME (please)

Well I have made the nominations and now I am up for round 1 of the Canadian Blogging Awards hosted by Jonathan Kleiman – Toronto Law. Thanks to Jennifer over at My Sardinian Life (and others?) who nominated me for this opportunity. This is not just a virtual award to put on my tool bar, like the others I hold. Not that I don’t appreciate those, and I do! This award is different because I need you my readers to go in and vote for me. You may recall that I was placed  on this site not so long ago, which lists Canadian blogs by category. It ranks them daily based on number of reads and gives you more exposure. With nominations there is more recognition, acceptance speeches written and tears of joy shed as the nominees are named…. this may be as close as I get to my dream of an Academy Award, so maybe I am blowing it a little out of proportion, sorry…

This is round 1… so click this link and then that will bring you to a page of many categories. I am in the  Best Travel and Expat Blog category which is on the right bottom corner (last one). Click that box/bar to open the list of nominees. You get one vote, so be careful as I am listed twice, but one of them is ME and the other has my name and someone else’s link. I am Canadian Travel Bugs’s Blog with the http: Canadian Travel Bugs…. (the other one is http first and a different website).

This round closes November 1st and the categories will be narrowed down to 3-6 blogs. The blogs with the most votes at that time will move onto round 2. So vote, tell your friends, relatives, co-workers and heck even your boss!

Thanks so much for your follows, likes, comments and votes! I appreciate it all 🙂

As always stay tuned for more…

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