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Travel Bug Bites Again!

There is a reason why we picked Travel Bugs as our blog name. My husband and I both love to travel, have a quest for adventure and a lure to wander about. Sure we love home, and home will always have a special place in our hearts and a place we will return. In July, we hung up our passports and decided to settle back into the life at home. We planned on getting jobs, buying a house and setting down roots. We looked forward to reconnecting with family, friends and Canada. The transition for me was easy at first, although I missed friends and the adventure of life abroad. The reaction when people find out you lived in China never got old. I had just started to pick up some of the language and had a better understanding of those difficult tones. I found myself drawn to Chinese tourists and their joy as we spoke a word or two in Mandarin. My health was suffering there, so the move back to Canada was a little bitter-sweet. My husband also got a job back on this side of the world, so it was time to come home.

As you know we moved out to Calgary. Originally it was meant to be a few short weeks for me to come out. Hubby had a type of job where he could live anywhere and fly in and out, as he had before China. Many turns of events lead me to staying here. I looked forward to a new home, the mountains a short drive away and experiencing a new part of the country I call home. It wasn’t always easy though. Settling into a new city it is hard to find your way around, make friends and just feel connected. Living abroad we had the same issues, but in an international expat community where we all were experiencing the same things, so it bonds people and creates friendships. Here people have their circles of friends, and lives. Why let someone new in? It was lonely especially when hubby was working away from home and only had 1-2 days off a month. Another reason why I stayed here alone. If I was in Ontario I would have friends and family close, but how would I ever have time to see my husband? It was hard, but over time it has gotten easier.

Then the economy had started taking a down turn and the price of oil has dropped drastically. It is easy to fill up at the pumps, but in Alberta a province driven by oil it hurts. Many people lost their jobs and more cuts to come. Hubby’s hours started to get reduced. Then plans for future work put on hold as the oil industry tries to save money and skate through the unknown crisis. The uncertainty of steady work sent him searching jobs. No one was responding as they were overwhelmed with applicants. However, one company soon responded and a Skype interview ensued on my birthday weekend. Hubby got a new job. Full time. Paid overtime hours. Benefits. Awesome right? Well just wait for it. You will never believe where it is. The job just happens to be in the Cayman Islands! Where it is summer all year long. We thought one day we would move abroad again, but not this soon! It is away from home, but much closer than China. Only a 4 hour flight which, happens to be about the same distance from Calgary to home.

Cayman Islands from above as the plane comes in for a landing

Cayman Islands from above as the plane comes in for a landing

Hubby has been there just over a month and getting settled in. I would have loved to have gone with him straight away, but his work discouraged family to come until later. I also had just started working in November and hated to quit only a few short weeks later. It is better for me to look for work from home also, another reason to stay behind. Over the Easter break I will go and visit John and our new home. It will break up the time before he will come home and help move me down there. I can’t wait!

Who would have thought this could be my backyard?

Who would have thought this could be my backyard?

So soon the Canadian Travel Bugs will be expats once again and exploring a new part of the world. Stay tuned for our new travel adventures!

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Canadian Blog Awards

The Award season is upon us… Academy Awards, Grammys, Golden Globes and the most coveted, in the Blogging World, the CANADIAN BLOG AWARDS.  – Jonathan Kleiman, Business Lawyer & Small Claims Court Lawyer has set up the blog awards for another exciting year. After some technical difficulties last fall it is back. The polls are up and voting has begun for the 2013 Awards. Thanks to Jonathan for hosting this for all us Canadian Bloggers from home to far away.

373634_197349717024981_378290159_qAt this point everyone nominated is in their category from sports to politics to travel/expat blogs. This is only round one. Contest closes Sat. Feb. 22 (Or Feb. 21 for those in Asia). Votes will be tallied and the top 3 will move onto round two. Last year with your help I made it onto round 2 to finish 3rd of 3. Oh well I made it into the finals.

This year will be tough competition from fellow blogging friend at My Sardinian Life. Tougher still since I checked out the other blogs and a few of them look professional. Not sure my 171 followers will be enough to compete with that. Oh well it is an honour to be nominated. If you like my blog I’d appreciate the vote. If you could pass along the link to friends and family too —that would be great. Thanks for your support. 🙂

Please follow the link here to go to the Canadian Blog awards page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (second last category) and there you will find the Best Travel and Expat Blog. Look for me CANADIAN TRAVEL BUGS and select me by the little circle then click VOTE. That simple. Be careful though you only get 1 vote on each computer.


Stay tuned

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Cabin Fever: Tourist in Your Own Town

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first Tourist in Your Own Town for 2014!

Speaking of NEW this is post #301 for Canadian Travel Bugs. As a new year begins we also reflect back over the passing year. Thinking over the last posts of 2013 (check out my stats here thanks to WP) I noticed many of my recent posts have been photo challenges. My goal for the new year is to get back to more stories and adventures about China and travel as well as have this photo challenge that I host and post monthly to increase.  Without further ado here we go with this month’s challenge, Cabin Fever.

DO you feel like hibernating?

DO you feel like hibernating?

For most places in the northern hemisphere winter has hit with a vengeance. Winter has brought cold, damp temperatures and wet weather with rain, ice storms and lots of snow. With colder weather many people turn into hibernation mode and want to stay indoors. Who enjoys the miserable weather outside? Curling up by a warm fire, under a cozy blanket and enjoying a good book or movie may be how you spend your days. After awhile maybe cabin fever sets in when you are bored with the inside and feeling cooped up. Maybe if we share ideas of what we do everyday, or a post a view inside our homes it will give us new ideas and break the boredom.

I think we were lucky not to go home this Christmas with all the snow, ice and bad weather they have been having. Coming back to Shanghai after being in Cambodia we found the first night very cold and damp, but the next day it reached a comfortable 15c with clear skies! Today the air quality is bad, so we will spend the day inside watching TV, cleaning up, reading, and the most fun playing with Willow.


How to participate

  1. Post a photo of something inside your house, from your window, or your daily routine. It can also be an idea of how to break the boredom of being trapped inside. Alternatively post a photo of the weather from where you are. Maybe we will be jealous of your warmer temps or think Whoa at least it isn’t that bad! 😉
  2. Use the Tourist in Your Own Town as a tag and in the title of your post.
  3. Use Cabin Fever as a tag and in the title also.
  4. Link back to this blog in your post about Cabin Fever.
  5. Add a link to your post in the comments below, so others can find you easily.
Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Looking forward to seeing what you do to break Cabin Fever and how you spend your days.

Stay tuned… Next month there will be a new theme for Tourist in Your Own Town. Usually a new theme is posted the first weekend of the month. Also  check back this weekend for a post about our recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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