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Willow Christmas Meme

Where have I been? What has kept me away for so long? I am not sure. How is it possible I worked full time at a very busy and demanding job and was sick and still found time to blog every week? What is my excuse? I am not sure where time goes. I find it melts away quickly when I am on the computer, so I sometimes avoid putting it on. I am missing Shanghai and the unusual sites, so maybe home is a little too vanilla 😉 to blog about. The daily grind is not as interesting here that is for sure. Besides being home I can easily call and text friends, which was a main reason I blogged. I could quickly communicate with everyone. That isn’t fair to my on line blog friends and followers though. I have taken to twitter also. It is quick and a different platform, so you can always see what I am up to there. From the blog on the right sidebar is my most recent tweets. I don’t think you need an account to view the links, so click away.

So to FINALLY get back to the funny picture of Willow at Christmas. (Better late than never???) I posted this pic and asked for some ideas of what Willow was saying. Thanks for all who sent along ideas. They are great. I just couldn’t decide on one, so I have posted most of them below. Which one do you like best? Thanks John, Quiall, Lucid Gypsy, Lavendar Ladi, Carrissa Hickling, Amy,  and Kate for sharing your ideas of What Willow is saying.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

What is Willow saying ? Pick your favourite from the list below.

  1. You’re never gonna believe what I got you for Christmas. Go check the litter box!
  2. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Buurrrppp!
  4. I hope you’re not planning to send my catnip to someone else?
  5. Why are there no lines on the paper? How do I cut a straight line?
  6. Back off and let me shred this pretty paper!
  7. What???? You didn’t get me a gift?
  8. You didn’t wrap it right!
  9. and a new one I just thought of….. “Eeeooowwwch! The tape is stuck to my fur!

Pick your favourite and post it in the link below.

If you want to see the original post click on the link


Take care and stay tuned. I promise it won’t take me as long to post next time!


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Willow Wednesday -Winter Edition

Its been awhile since Willow made an appearance, so she’s back to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year.


Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile :)

Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile 🙂













All the best 🙂   -CTB 😀 2014

Stay tuned….


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Willow Wednesday #6

This will be the last Willow Wednesday (maybe) for the summer. We are back in Shanghai (except few days in Beijing) and our little furry baby will be home soon. YEA! I hope she doesn’t give us the cold shoulder. After a few minutes to check the place out and be sure her world is in order I am sure she will become my shadow.


WTP???? What the Position?

Love how cats can sleep anywhere, anytime, any way


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Do you have pets?     How do they behave when you come home?

Stay tuned…

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Willow Wednesday #4

Time again for another Willow Wednesday. Who doesn’t love funny pictures of pets? Come on admit it you have spent hours watching silly animal videos on You Tube 😉 Willow looks like a prairie dog here up on her hind legs. This is not a usual pose, but a sound or knock on the door piqued her curiosity.


Silly Pose – cat or prairie dog?

If you have a funny photo of your pet, or any animal, attach the link in the comment section below. Also I would appreciate a link back here, so we can find each other and share a giggle of all the funny animals.

Want more Willow? Then be sure to check out Willow Wednesday #1, 2 and 3.

Stay tuned…

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Willow Wednesday #3

Baby Willow

Baby Willow

Time for another Willow Wednesday. Check out Willow Wednesday and Willow Wednesday #2 for more.

This shot was taken November 2012. Willow was just 5 months old. My how she has grown from this little puff ball. Look closely at her markings. Did you spot the unique shape on her side?

Stay tuned for more as we enjoy our time at home….

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Willow Wednesday #2

It is Wednesday and time for another Willow Wednesday installment.

Who is this?

Who000 is this?

Willow loves to lay belly up and I happened to catch this close up. She always hears the camera and opens her eyes. She can be a bit camera shy, but I managed to click this before she ran off, or moved. My cousin said she looks more like an owl than cat here 😉 what do you think?

Have any funny pet stories or photos to share? Why not add your link in the comments below and also link back to this post in case others want to join in.

Stay tuned…

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Connections: Photo Challenge

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has some amazing photo examples of connections. She is showing how 2 things are connected. I mistook the challenge for companions, but I think my examples still fit the theme. What do you think?

My Companion in Life

My Companion in Life

The above photo is a shadow pic of me and hubby with a maple tree 🙂 He is my life connection and companion. The maple tree is a nice connection to my Canadian heritage too 😉


This is the one and only Willow. My furry companion. It was a year ago this past week that we brought home the little ball of fur that warmed her way into our hearts. She is about 17 months now. I took this photo yesterday as she cuddled on my lap. Saturday is her cuddle day and Sunday she likes me to play chase with her. Willow is quite funny and very smart! Last week we were playing chase and I threw her mouse. She jumped and spun around in the air, only to fall into the laundry basket that was close by. I was doing the laundry and I don’t think she was expecting the basket to be there. She won’t fall for that again. She has a good memory too and will find a toy you have tucked away. Some how Willow knows right where it is. She keeps us laughing and loves attention.

Show your examples of connections or go here to see more.

Stay tuned…

Stay tuned…

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Ordinary Lines & Patterns: Weekly Photo Challenges

Patterns in Nature – ordinary or maybe a little out of the ordinary?

Twisty Vine

Twisty Vine

Patterns on Willow – she has the ordinary tabby style stripes and some out of the ordinary too. Did you spot her ‘bulls eye’?

Bull's Eye

Bull’s Eye

Out of the ordinary patterns on the Jumeriah Hotel, Shanghai.


Check out the Pixelventure theme ordinary and Word Press for Lines and Patterns.


Stay Tuned…


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Companions: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge set by word press is companionable. In our life we have many campanions, human and otherwise. Here are some (not a complete list as it is ever changing) examples of mine:

my travel companion... can't leave home without it!

my travel companion… can’t leave home without it!

Just travelling half way around the globe I thought about my passport. Can’t go anywhere without it. My number one travel companion. If you forget anything else you can always pick up a replacement at your destination. My camera and passport are the 2 must haves for any trip… everything else is secondary.

need I say more?

need I say more?

In China I miss Tim Horton’s creamy coffee. Tea is the drink of choice in China hence the saying ‘all the tea in China’, so coffee, or good coffee is hard to come by. There is Starbucks and a few other chains, but one they are expensive (about $4-$4.50 a cup!) and not open until 7 and my bus picks me up at 7:03. Besides I find them too strong. It is hard to get a coffee maker and why bother since cream is even harder to find. Coffee and cream will also set you back a small fortune, so I must live on small instant nescafe packets. BLUCK… which are still expensive compared to home. I dream about real coffee and can’t wait to get the steamy, creamy cup into me when I get back on Canadian soil. Funny since I was a home-brew girl, but now it is Timmies! The Toronto airport has a few shops and one right by the departure gate, so I can take my last one right on the plane. Great companions: a double double and maple dip donut… need I say more?

Willow, my furry companion

Willow, my furry companion

Willow the newest addition to our family is a great companion. I didn’t think I could get another pet so soon after Holly, but this little fur monster warmed and purred her way into our hearts. She is very active and funny. Willow loves to play and is great company when John is away. She awaits my arrival each night and greets me at the door. Each night she likes to snuggle under the covers and plays fetch with me everyday. She certainly keeps us entertained with her silly antics.

my life long partner in crime and loving companion

my life long partner in crime and loving companion

My number one companion is my husband. It is hard when we are apart and frustrating when we only have the internet to interact. It is best when we are together.

Be sure to head over to WordPress to join in and see more example of companions.

So what is your companion you can’t live without?

Stay tuned….

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Pussy Willow Tails: She’s ONE!

Today is Willow’s birthday. We got her in November and she has been a great addition to our family. After having to put Holly down last year I wasn’t sure I was ready for another pet; besides living in China and getting her back home I thought we may wait. We quickly fell in love with this little ball of fur and energy. She has quite the personality! She loves to play and I have taught her how to play fetch. Now she is learning how to speak for treats… I swear she thinks she is a dog, or a monkey. If she isn’t playing tricks she is climbing things. Slowly she is learning and not as naughty as she once was. She knows what she isn’t allowed to do, although sometimes she still tries to get away with it.

She has really grown over the last few months. The little thing that we brough home could fit in one hand, then from my wrist to my elbow. Now she is too long for my lap. Her colour has darkened and she lost some of the pinky beige colouring she once had although, she still has her circle print on her sides, a very funny pattern to match her personality. She has quieted down a bit over the last few weeks as she is getting older and has been fixed.

She is my model and I take endless photos of her (sorry honey I may just have more photos of the cat than you). Here are a few that I took today and one of my favourites.

Who wouldn't want to hear more about the cutest cat ever?

Who wouldn’t want to hear more about the cutest cat ever?













Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday !

Willow Turns 1

Willow Turns 1

So do you have a pet?

Stay tuned….

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