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Willow Wednesday #5

Our short summer is almost over. Today we are heading to the airport, so thanks to a scheduling feature I am able to bring you Willow Wednesday #5.


Hee Hee... that was funny.

Hee Hee… that was funny.

Last week a lot of you liked Willow’s curiosity pose. Lavendar Ladi said it made her giggle. I found this pic where Willow also looks like she is giggling.


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What funny things have made you laugh out loud lately? Was it a funny joke? Something you saw? A pet or other animal being silly? Tell us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned….


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Peaceful: Weekly Travel Theme

What isn’t more peaceful than a cat curled up and sleeping? It is so fun to watch them as their whiskers twitch and paws move as they dream of play and catching mice.

Holly sleeping in a lawn chair Noelville Trailer Camp Ground.

Holly sleeping in a lawn chair Noelville Trailer Camp Ground.


Willow Sound Asleep

Willow Sound Asleep

Now this is the life 🙂

What is peaceful to you? Tell me below in the comment section, or post your own. Visit “Where’s My Backpack” to find out how.



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Introducing…. Weekly Photo Themes x4

Well as you know we got a new addition to our family, a kitten who will be 5 months old this week. After trying to pick a name we kept finding more and more ideas… making it harder to choose. Well with the help of some friends and my students the votes came in and I would like to introduce you to Willow!


She is light grey and white and has some interesting markings, stripes on her side, a circle too and little polka dots on her belly. She looks like a pussy willow, hence the idea for the name. Willow is full of energy and is very playful. She also loves to cuddle and gets into interesting positions as she sleeps. She purrs super loud, but never really meows. Today I actually heard 2 little mews come from her which is rare.

This weekend I played with her and she played with me as I tried to sweep and clean.  The broom is great fun when you are a cat. She enjoyed running through the piles of dirt I swept and then would try to eat the fuzzy dust bunnies! That is not saying I live in a barn, or on the street, but it gets really dusty here and you need to sweep almost everyday when you have hardwood floors. We went on an adventure back to the pet shop to pick up her paper work. The dog that lives in the shop gave me heck as I brought her back. I guess he liked her and was telling me off! Once he saw she was OK and sniffed out her crate he settled back down. We went by taxi and the last taxi driver home was intrigued by her. He asked what I had (or I think he did) and I said maio (ma-ow) and he kept wanting to see her at every stop. Willow was good in the car and just laid in her crate.

Sassy Willow playing with her furry mouse

A few people stopped by to see Willow and ewwed and ahhed over her. Mo even brought her a toy, which she loves. Thanks Mo!

I haven’t had a lot of time for posting this weekend, but as you would have it this week’s photo challenges all fit around Willow! Cee’s theme is pets (this is the first time I have participated in her challenge and I just couldn’t resist!) The weekly WordPress challenge is renewaland a new pet is a chance for renewal and healing for me after missing Holly so much. Ailsa’s theme of soft fits too… Willow’s fur is silky soft. Island Traveller has set create… and this is a stretch, but Willow has created a fun environment here with the endless hours of play and laughter with her silly antics. So what do you think do they all fit? Check out their pages to see more examples of each theme… and unrelated to Willow 😉


Thanks for reading… next week I will try to get back to things on China, I have a post that has been on hold for months! I will also try to do a photo challenge or two if I have time.

Stay tuned…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

That time again… weekly photo challenge.

Unfocused. You may curse or cheer this week’s theme. We’re looking for that picture which is unfocused. It may be completely intentional, or accidental. You might have thought about trashing it, but in the end it definitely conveys something. – Sara Rosso

Sara sets up these challenges and if you want to see more follow this link:

I usually toss away the unfocused pictures… so easy in the world of digital… delete… which leaves space on the memory card for more. I did find 2 pictures… One of Holly sleeping in her basket with the stuffed bear. Too cute to delete. The other is some blossoms from Century Park in Shanghai last spring… This was intentional since the blossom up close is in focus and the background is  a blur.

Cuddled UP & Cute


What do you do with your unfocused pics?


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