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Unexpected: Bastet’s Pixelventures

We made it back to Shanghai, China after a long flight. We left a cooler than normal Canadian summer to land into China’s hottest summer in 140 years. This was expected, although our bodies immediately reacted to the heat and humidity. Luckily the air conditioning is working well.

Our first night home and we were tired, so we turned in early after very little sleep on the plane. The flight had constant turbulence, which was not expected. It was hard to sleep with the constant bumping and rocking. The next morning we decided to head out early to beat the heat and head for our favourite place to grab breakfast. Much to our disappointment we found it was closed for renovations. We should not be surprised since turn over rates are very fast in Shanghai as things come and go. Some places close for renovations and a few weeks later open sparkling and new, others close and are new establishments.

The heat was starting to rise, so we headed to another coffee shop in the plaza that was still closed, so much for being early birds. We continued through the plaza finding an open coffee shop with limited breakfast foods. Not wanting to trudge through the heat, which was becoming very oppressive, to search for another place we decided to stay here and make the best of a small snack. We were the only patrons and were quickly served coffee latte,  caramel cappuccino and 2 ham turkey croissants (don’t ask as I am still confused by this meat combination). When my coffee arrived I was surprised to see a happy smiling face… truly unexpected. John’s coffee wasn’t decorated. Coffee art is highly unusual here, but this little surprise brought a smile to my face; it was a nice welcome ‘home’.

Good Morning Sunshine :)

Good Morning Sunshine 🙂

What surprised you today?

This is my response to Bastet’s Pixelventures theme Unexpected. Be sure to follow the link to see more or find out how to join in the fun.

China is always full of surprises and unexpected adventures… this one was a happy surprise. Be sure to stay tuned because there will be more ‘unexpected‘ adventures and surprises as we head into our last year here in Shanghai.

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Companions: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge set by word press is companionable. In our life we have many campanions, human and otherwise. Here are some (not a complete list as it is ever changing) examples of mine:

my travel companion... can't leave home without it!

my travel companion… can’t leave home without it!

Just travelling half way around the globe I thought about my passport. Can’t go anywhere without it. My number one travel companion. If you forget anything else you can always pick up a replacement at your destination. My camera and passport are the 2 must haves for any trip… everything else is secondary.

need I say more?

need I say more?

In China I miss Tim Horton’s creamy coffee. Tea is the drink of choice in China hence the saying ‘all the tea in China’, so coffee, or good coffee is hard to come by. There is Starbucks and a few other chains, but one they are expensive (about $4-$4.50 a cup!) and not open until 7 and my bus picks me up at 7:03. Besides I find them too strong. It is hard to get a coffee maker and why bother since cream is even harder to find. Coffee and cream will also set you back a small fortune, so I must live on small instant nescafe packets. BLUCK… which are still expensive compared to home. I dream about real coffee and can’t wait to get the steamy, creamy cup into me when I get back on Canadian soil. Funny since I was a home-brew girl, but now it is Timmies! The Toronto airport has a few shops and one right by the departure gate, so I can take my last one right on the plane. Great companions: a double double and maple dip donut… need I say more?

Willow, my furry companion

Willow, my furry companion

Willow the newest addition to our family is a great companion. I didn’t think I could get another pet so soon after Holly, but this little fur monster warmed and purred her way into our hearts. She is very active and funny. Willow loves to play and is great company when John is away. She awaits my arrival each night and greets me at the door. Each night she likes to snuggle under the covers and plays fetch with me everyday. She certainly keeps us entertained with her silly antics.

my life long partner in crime and loving companion

my life long partner in crime and loving companion

My number one companion is my husband. It is hard when we are apart and frustrating when we only have the internet to interact. It is best when we are together.

Be sure to head over to WordPress to join in and see more example of companions.

So what is your companion you can’t live without?

Stay tuned….

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape… in a busy hectic job and with demanding schedule and chattering children all day how do I escape and turn off?

By reading a good book. Being transported into someone else’s words and world helps me forget about the daily stresses and escape for a short time. Currently I am reading Anne of Green Gables, a Canadian classic on my iPad.


Coffee… lazy weekend mornings on our balcony with a view of an amazing city is a good way to escape, relax, chat and dream about our future endeavors. Plans are made, shared and dreams are born over good coffee and conversation. Other times just the quiet of the city as it is coming awake, the sun rising and the cool breezes in the trees regenerate the soul and get me ready for a busy day ahead.


My favourite escape is the beach. The sound of the waves, warm breezes and in my sight the endless vision of turquoise blue is what I day-dream about on cold damp days and in hectic times. Knowing there is no schedule, place to be or endless paper work to catch up on allows me to truly relax and just be. The beach always is my ideal place to escape.

How do you like to escape? Share your ideas in the comment section below, or post your own! See Word Press for more examples, ideas and details.

Stay tuned… and don’t forget to be a “tourist in your own town”. Link back to my post or see it here.

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