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Travel Theme: LIGHT

I happened upon this geometric design or sign at the Shanghai train station while waiting for our train to Beijing. The design was all lit up and reflected off the shiny floor. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic. Good thing since it is perfect for this week’s challenge.



Another photo from our recent trip. This was taken at a Starbucks at a shopping market in Beijing. The interesting lights are similar to the lanterns you see at Chinese New Year.



Head on over to Where’s My Backpack to join in the fun and post your own, or to see more examples and interpretations of the theme light.

Stay tuned….

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Weekly Photo Challenges: Pale Colour

Word Press has set COLOUR as the theme this week while Ailsa has set PALE. I have decided to mingle the two themes since they can go hand in hand.

Instead of delving into the archives I took these photos Saturday and Sunday locally. The Easter Eggs and Orchids were taken at the Kerry Parkside Mall/Hotel here in Shanghai and the blossoms here in our apartment complex.

The mix of pale and vibrant colours are in each picture.

  • photo one: a pale pink blossom and pale weak spring sunshine
  • photo two: bright fuchsia pink blossoms against a pale baby blue sky
  • photo three: brightly coloured Easter Eggs complimented with pale pastels
  • photo four: pale white and yellow orchids set against rich chocolate brown wood

Join in the fun or see more examples by clicking the links above.

Stay tuned… next week I will post more on our trip to Beijing.

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