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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

That time again… weekly photo challenge.

Unfocused. You may curse or cheer this week’s theme. We’re looking for that picture which is unfocused. It may be completely intentional, or accidental. You might have thought about trashing it, but in the end it definitely conveys something. – Sara Rosso

Sara sets up these challenges and if you want to see more follow this link:

I usually toss away the unfocused pictures… so easy in the world of digital… delete… which leaves space on the memory card for more. I did find 2 pictures… One of Holly sleeping in her basket with the stuffed bear. Too cute to delete. The other is some blossoms from Century Park in Shanghai last spring… This was intentional since the blossom up close is in focus and the background is  a blur.

Cuddled UP & Cute


What do you do with your unfocused pics?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun #2

Hello All,

Doing this week’s challenge together I came across 2 more pics of Sun that I wanted to share… I know it is late  and we are onto a new challenge, but am I excused since the others were on time?


Sun or Heavenly Rays in St. Peter's Basilica?

Ice storms are happening more frequently as the world  weather changes… they are dangerous to drive in  not to mention horrible to chip your car out of a cocoon of ice to get into it again, but so beautiful as they change the world into a glass menagerie…

Nature's Glass Menagerie

Do you think these late entries were worth it?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Together… I had so many photos… I narrowed it down to 3… each with a different meaning of  “together”.

One is 2 glasses of champagne with my wedding ring in one and my husband’s in the other. I took this shot on our honeymoon as we started our married life ‘together’. It was a cool idea, but the bubbles made it difficult and not as I envisioned.

Another is my brother and I together when he was a baby. My favourite doll had to be in the photo too as I never went anywhere without her… we were always ‘together’. This was before digital so excuse the grainieness of the photo.

The last is a humours take on ‘together’. The Roman’s used to bathe ‘together’ and use public toilets ‘together’. This shot is of a communal public toilet. Today we would be mortified at the idea, but then it was common practice where you would meet people, friends and discuss business ‘together’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I get more experience and see other people’s blogs I am trying out new things… so here is my first attempt at a slide show! The 3 photos will cycle through, or you can mouse over and click an arrow that will appear to see them at your own pace.

To see more great photos click on this link which will bring you to the originator’s page.

A few of my favourites:

Jennifer’s cute cows:

Wanderlust Gene father and child:

Sorry there are only 2 this far. Seems not too many people are posting for this challenge or are procrastinating.

As I was looking through pictures I came across 2 more great sun pics so I am going to post those too!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This week a blog I have been following did an unuasal photo. When I enquired about it they explained it is something through word press where photographers, or wannabes like me can post some pics. This week’s theme is “unusual”. Here are a few from my unusual collection.

Last spring it was a VERY cloudy day here in Shanghai. The skyline of interesting buildings was lost in a thick dense cloud that reached from the heavens and encased all the architectural beauty. The World Finicial Tower is 101 stories tall… the top has a rectangular  opening… can you see it? I guess the observation deck was not that popular that day 😉

A Cloudy Day

A CLoudy Day

The next picture is of the skyline all lit up at night. The colours, moving patterns and flashing lights are a mesmerizing site to take in. From a river cruise (that our school sent us on as a welcome to Shanghai) I took some shots. Only later did I realize that the clouds were also visible even though it was night… I found that striking and unusual.

Shanghai Nights

Shanghai Nights

Since I took this photo I realized that the clouds being visible at night are a common occurrence… maybe due to all the bright lights from the big city? This picture was also featured on The Weather Channel in Canada!

Please note all pictures posted on this site are property of ME and should not be copied in any way without permission.

Stay tuned…


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