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Serenity Now -Photo Challenge

“Serenity now…. serenity now !” – Frank Costanza, Seinfeld

When times get stressful what do you imagine, or wish for?

I feel most relaxed and at peace with the whisper of the winds in the trees, a warm breeze to tickle my toes and a view like this:

The perfect view to relax

The perfect view to relax. The view from my beach chair, Cuba 2012.

Thanks to WP for this theme.

Stay tuned…


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Days Gone Bye… Pixelventures

Bastet has a great photo challenge this week of days gone by… things from the past or take a walk down memory lane. Just to be different I thought I would show you a contrast of things from a few places around the world. Places you can go today and see a glimpse into the past. I read a book as a child about some children who accidentally went back in time and I always thought that would be very cool to not only explore another place, but a time period as well. What would it be like then? Is what we know about the history correct? What did it look like in all it’s glory of that time period?

Come with me to glimpse back in time in these places. Do you know where they are?



Did you know this was Shanghai? This is around Yuan Garden where some of the buildings are the old low traditional style with the interesting roof in the typical Chinese architecture. Red paper lanterns decorate the buildings and little shops sell their wares. You could be walking down this street 10 or 20 years ago and it may have looked much the same. The newer cars and the tall buildings in the skyline give away the time period and you realise this was taken just a few months ago.

IMG_0776This is a small town in Cuba. I posted this photo before and it is a perfect example of off the tourist track. The old 50’s cars, bikes and horse drawn carts are still in use today exactly how they were in the 1050’s. Time stands still in Cuba in many ways, but the music and culture is somethings that touches your soul. It is a place we have visited 3 times and we hold dear to our heart.

DSC05729Did you guess this one? It is the hardest of all and I last went here in 2009, so it isn’t a trip I have posted about. It is Trajan’s Market in Rome. The ancient bricks, stone work, mosaics and architecture all gives us a little glimpse into the ancient past of a thriving empire. Oh to have been here to shop, or gossip would have been a part of everyday life 2000 years ago.

Be sure to check out some cool pictures from others by visiting Bastet’s page. You can always join in too. Just follow the link to find out how.

Busy weekend, poor internet and computer issues only allowed me to get to one post this weekend. Stay tuned… maybe more this week if I can find the time. If not for sure next weekend.

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The Hue of You: Weekly Photo Challenge

The inspiration for this post comes from Word Press this week. Immediately I thought of the colour and what to post for the theme the HUE OF YOU. It could be a HUE to show my personality or current mood. I decided to show my favourite colour Turquoise Blue. When we think of blue we often think cold… but this lovely warm sea is far from cold. The colour relaxes me and energizes me at the same time.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

I am always drawn to this HUE of BLUE and I have been told it looks good on me.

It was an easy choice when we got married to use TURQUOISE and Silver as our wedding colours. I was told it was the ‘man version of pink’, but it is still my favourite.

Check out word press to find out more details how to join in or see other interpretations of HUE OF YOU.

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Earth, Sea & Distance: Photo Challenges

I have decided to combine the weekly photo challenges into one this week. Pixelventures has asked us to post on EARTH, while Where’s My Backpack is on a long distance trip, so she has set the theme (off in the) DISTANCE and Word Press asked about the SEA. Word Press suggested we talk about the first time we were at the sea or other feelings surrounding water. I love relaxing by the ocean and hearing the gentle waves lap at the shores. It has been just over a year since we were in Cuba for a two week glorious holiday by the sea. Last year our many return trips to Canada only left 2 short mini holidays and none of them took us to the sea. 😦 Check out the links above to participate and find out more about the themes and their meaning. See below for how I interpreted and combined the three themes into one 😉 .

Here is where the earth meets the sea… and the only thing off in the distance are the clouds.

View from my Beach Chair in Cuba

View from my Beach Chair in Cuba

A view of the sea in the distance through the trees in the Philippines. At this resort the earth is celebrated with gardens and natural building materials. No phone, or TV to distract you. Only the sounds of nature to lull you to sleep each night in your open air hut.

Nature's Rhythym -wind, waves and wonderful

Nature’s rhythm – wind, waves and wonderful

High above the earth we caught sight of the sea and some small islands in the distance.


A new day as the sun  in the distance rises over the earth and sparkles across the sea in Vietnam.

Sunrise Sparkles on the Surf

Sunrise Sparkles on the Surf

These photos may look familiar since they all come from previous posts, but I thought they were worth sharing again 😉

Stay tuned…

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Travel Theme: Beaches

I have been lucky enough to have travelled and seen many beaches around the world. From the Eastern Coast of Canada to the French Rivera and the warm waters of the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida. More recently I have had the chance to set foot on beaches in Asia. Each one has a unique beauty, but one thing is the same… the soothing sounds of the sea seems to rejuvenate and relax the soul.

Enjoy my collection of beautiful beaches. Here is a slide show of my 4 most recent pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack has set this week’s theme Beaches. Click here to see more example or post your own because ‘everyone loves a day at the beach’.

Stay tuned… more next week.

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Travel Theme: Dancing

Ailsa over at where’s my backpack has asked us to post some photos on dancing. I immediately thought about Cuba. The passion and love for dance is a cultural thing which is awesome to witness and join in on. My best memory was when we went to Cuba and during dinner the band struck up some music and suddenly the staff walked away from their duties and started to dance. It quickly became a dance party (after the shock of some dinners) with most tourists and the staff laughing, cheering and dancing all together. As quickly as it all started they returned to work. I don’t have any photos of this fun phenomenon, but here are a few others from Cuba.

Cuba -Day show put on by the resort staff.

Cuba -Day show put on by the resort staff.


Tropicana – Havana, Cuba

What better example of Cuban dance and love of music than the infamous Tropicana in Havana?

Don’t forget to check out Ailsa’s page to see more examples or take part in the challenges. Everyone is welcome 🙂

Stay tuned…. next week there will be more.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Being short I rarely look down on things 😉 but here are a few examples with a bird’s eye view for this week’s photo challenge.

Looking down from the World Finicial Tower in Shanghai, China from 101 floors up over the Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower and Huangpu River March 2011.



Looking down at the surf  lapping my toes in Cuba, Summer 2012.



Head over to see more or join in the challenge at Word Press – From Above.

Stay tuned… there is always more 🙂




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Today is a public holiday, Labour Day (May 1), here in China and we are off school. I was catching up on reading some blogs and came across Marianne’s blog (East of Malaga) that I often read and follow. She posted a challenge on Knobs and Knockers. I am fascinated by ornate and colourful doors, but especially since I saw and photographed this door from a church in Havana, Cuba in 2008.

Havana Cuba, 2008

Havana Cuba, 2008

Here in China many doors on older style and traditional buildings are bright red with gold or brass lion head handles. Here is a collection from our recent trip to Beijing.

Each door seems to tell a story with its worn handles, dirt and faded crackle paint. I think that is what makes each unique and interesting to photograph.

Check out Marianne’s blog to see her beautiful examples and photography from Europe.

As always stay tuned…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Kiss 😡

My nephews were getting their Valentine Cards ready and I told the youngest to put hugs and kisses on his card to his teacher. He is in Junior Kindergarten, so without a second thought he put the little X’s and O’s on the card.

He said “I want to make some more X’s”

I said “Oh more hugs?”

My brother and husband looked at me funny and said “What??? I thought X’s were kisses?”

I explained that I thought a hug was an X because you crossed your arms around someone… that looks like an X. An O then must be a kiss since your mouth makes an O shape when you kiss. They thought it was hysterical.

What do you think and X and O stand for? A hug or a kiss?

To my husband who is halfway around the world.

To my husband who is halfway around the world.

See more examples of KISS or join in the challenge over at Word Press 🙂

Stay tuned for more next week… or follow me at twitter @Rocse1.



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Travel Theme: Spooky

Hallowe’en is such a fun time of year and the planning of costumes, getting yummy treats and candies for free, being anything you want, if only for a night, brings joy to children and adults alike. Back home we would often go to a Hallowe’en party, even as adults. Working with kids and seeing their very cool costumes and imaginations come to life was just as exciting for me as it was for them. Even China is starting to get in on this fun holiday and the local shops have decorations and costumes for sale. Some compounds, where many expats live, host parties and trick or treating for the kids. Even the local Kerry Parkside Complex got in on the action holding adult dress up parties and events for the kids. A large haunted castle even sprung up a few weeks back. Did I mention I love Hallowe’en?

Haunted Castle at Kerry Parkside, Shanghai

The school where I work does not celebrate Hallowe’en so there will be no parties or dressing up. 😦 I miss it.

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has lifted my Hallowe’en spirits with her weekly challenge… SPOOKY.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take many photos of spooky things and to be honest I do NOT like scary movies or scary things, just the dressing up bit. I sifted the archives and I came up with a few pics. One is more gross than spooky, but I would not like to find this in my house. It is a giant slug like thing that we saw in Cuba this summer. It was crossing the path near the garden and pool. It was bigger than any slug I’ve seen before. Remembering this thing I would say it was as long as my middle finger and almost as wide as 2 fingers. YUCKY!

Scary Looking Slug


The next is a lightening shot. I loved watching lightening storms when we lived in Welland. Our apartment was near the old canal and the living room had floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides… great view for storm watching. Lightening isn’t spooky for everyone, but it always makes an appearance in scary movies… a typical symbol of spooky.

Lightening Storm Flash

Check out Ailsa’s page for more examples or to post your own.

Stay tuned… another photo challenge to come.

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