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As one door closes a new one will open: WP

How fitting this week’s photo challenge from WP is DOORS. I love taking photos of doors, but with us leaving China I decided to use the ordinary everyday doors to our apartment. Very soon we will lock the door for the last time.

As one door closes a new one will open.

This is very literal for us as we will leave in a few short days. We will leave Shanghai ‘forever’ as our expat life comes to an end. After 5 years living and working abroad it has been a mix of emotions. Leaving friends and familiar places we love is hard. Going home to family, fresh air and a slower pace also has its advantages. A few tears have been shed, but the one thing I will be sure to miss is the people. The friends I have made -good friends.

As I said in my leaving speech…

The time must come for us all to leave

now I am heading home

We spent 5 years in China

and Asia we did roam.

I taught Year 3 and Year 1

and learned a few things too.

Like Ni Hao, dizchan, itchyzhoh

er, are, san just to name a few.

My time here was well spent

busy with plans and such.

My Chinese language learning,

as you can see — not so much.            CTB 😀 2015

So my doors look at my building entrance and our apartment door that has been decorated by a previous tenant with the Chinese symbols.

Building 23 entrance

Building 23 entrance


apartment door

apartment door

Stay tuned….




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Today is a public holiday, Labour Day (May 1), here in China and we are off school. I was catching up on reading some blogs and came across Marianne’s blog (East of Malaga) that I often read and follow. She posted a challenge on Knobs and Knockers. I am fascinated by ornate and colourful doors, but especially since I saw and photographed this door from a church in Havana, Cuba in 2008.

Havana Cuba, 2008

Havana Cuba, 2008

Here in China many doors on older style and traditional buildings are bright red with gold or brass lion head handles. Here is a collection from our recent trip to Beijing.

Each door seems to tell a story with its worn handles, dirt and faded crackle paint. I think that is what makes each unique and interesting to photograph.

Check out Marianne’s blog to see her beautiful examples and photography from Europe.

As always stay tuned…

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Hell of a Hike : Beijing Streets

This weekend I have run out of time to post more on Beijing. I don’t want to rush it, so I will leave it for next weekend when I have more time. To hold you over let me post a few pictures I snapped as we walked around the streets of Beijing.

Typical Red Doors with Lion Door Knockers

Typical Red Doors with Lion Door Knockers


Small neigbourhoods tucked behind the ornate doors.

Small neighbourhoods tucked behind big ornate doors.

I am fascinated by these doors… the door knockers and decoration always catch my eye. I was lucky enough to see this one open and sneak a peek inside another world to a whole neighbourhood. All this time I thought it was an entrance to a house, or larger building of some importance, but never did it cross my mind a whole neighbourhood could be tucked behind these closed doors.

Stay tuned for more…

Be sure to check out my 3 previous posts on Beijing …Tian’anmen Square, The Great Wall and the Forbidden City. From this weekend you can also check out my Photo Challenges on Contrast and Up.

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