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Change: Photo Challenge

Wednesday was the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere… change has been felt here in Alberta throughout the month of August and September. Light snow flurries have been spotted in the city and more in the nearby mountains, on more than one occasion, since we arrived out here August 13th. Not only is it a change of seasons, but a change for me. Living in Shanghai for 5 years we didn’t see a lot of snow and maybe this kind of weather in January or February… not summer!

3 Seasons in 3 Days

3 Seasons in 3 Days

September 11-14 we saw a big change… 3 seasons in 3 days. We climbed to 30c and dropped to single digits, snow in the mountains. The leaves had started to change colour too. This photo looks like I added colour and black and white, but it is the snow blocking out the green of the grass and evergreen trees. A few days later we were back to mid 20s. Welcome to Canadian weather… ever-changing.

You may recognise this photo. I posted it on twitter. I have been taking to twitter more and more as I have a quick pic or idea I want to share. Sometimes I tweet a random thought, event or idea instead of a posting here.  To check out my tweets, take a look at the sidebar on the right and click away.

Change can be interpreted in many ways. Here is a link to WP too see more ‘change’.

Stay tuned…

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Travel Theme: Pathways

Pathways you never know where they will lead to and that is half the fun as they wind, turn and lead through narrow passage ways where you can’t quite see what is on the other side.

Ancient Roman Via

Ancient Roman Via

In Ostia, the Ancient Roman City, paths over grown with weeds twist and turn through ancient streets. What was once a busy crowded road filled with the hustle and bustle of a big city now lays quiet and only hosts an interesting trek for tourists to explore the well-preserved ruins of a former fabulous port.

Fall Path

Fall Path

Fall is very different here in Shanghai with its more temperate climate. Rarely do leaves fall and when they do they are crispy brown dead leaves without the vibrant fall splendor we are used to back home. This year we had ideal conditions and in December some trees in our apartment complex changed to a mellow yellow and littered the winding path that snakes its way through our complex. The path is a relaxing escape in a busy city and runs parallel to the higher trafficked walkway, but with the tall trees and plants you can imagine you are far away from the city in a forest.

The biggest path we all take is life. What is next? Around each corner something new awaits.  My path is leading to destinations unknown as our final year in Shanghai will begin after a much-needed summer vacation. Lots of changes ahead, unknown challenges and adventures…

DO you follow the main path or make your own? Comment on it below or add your own post. Find out more details how to do that at Ailsa’s blog Where’s My Backpack.

Stay tuned…



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Weekly Photo Challenge: CHANGE

Change in my pocket, the changes in life we all go through, the changes we notice in people as they grow and mature, the changes in a city skyline…

or the change in season…

Multicoloured leaves changing into their Autum splendor

Multicoloured leaves changing into their Autumn splendor


Or a caterpillar that leaves its chrysalis and departs a beautiful butterfly…

Butterfly Nursery

Butterfly Nursery




See more examples of change over at Word Press. Anyone can join, so post away!


What picture or life event represents change for you?

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Weekly Image of Life: Beautiful

I have been thinking about this theme for a few days now and had a hard time deciding what to post. Beauty after all is in the eye of the beholder 😉 Maybe it is the jet lag where my thinking is not 100% clear. What could I pick to show beauty? All around us there are many beautiful things. I thought about beautiful sunrises or sunsets, beaches, an awesome landscape, people, colours… What about man-made things? For some beauty is found in things, objects like jewellery or cars…. Beauty….? Big Question Mark ? Then I decided on this.

The beauty of nature as it changes seasons. The colours of fall; red, orange, and yellow are brilliant against bright blue clear skies… the senses come alive with the smells, sounds and sights. The feeling of a warm cozy sweater, a sip of hot apple cider sprinkled with cinnamon, the crush of leaves under your feet… ahhhh….

Autumn is my favourite season. It is funny since it leads to winter; cold and snow which, is my least favourite time. There is something about the way nature paints a picture of brilliant blazing colour that is so magical. As a kid fall meant back to school and a promise of a new year and new things. The excitement of the unknown and challenges that lay ahead were awaiting me with great anticipation.

Bittersweet October.  The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.  ~Carol Bishop Hipps

Brilliant Yellow along Old Welland Canal

When I lived at home, in Canada, I would take a hike along the Bruce Trail and I tried to make it my tradition. The peace and quiet with nature’s beauty and colour all around. Each year would be different from the next. Some years colour was richer and more vibrant… no matter it was always beautiful.

Autumn Jewels

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

Autumn is beautiful and for me walking the trails was a time to get lost in the beauty around me, think of the future or past. Stress melted away. I felt like the little mouse in the book by Leo Lionni “Frederick” as I collected sights, colours and sounds around me because winter days are long, cold and grey.

SeeIsland Travellers blog for more “Beauty” or to join in the fun.

Stay tuned for more…  CTB  : D

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Chill in the Air

Seasons are changing back home and you have probably already pulled out some of the winter woolies and turned on the heat. Seasons change here and they turn quickly, no slow cool down just a fast change as if someone turned a switch. It seems that it has happened this week. We went from comfortable 20’s to damp cool and cloudy days. A nice sunny day turned cold and people were caught off guard wearing short sleeves and shorts! This year has been cooler all around. No 50c temps to deal with and a lot of rain. Last year I think  days were comfortable into November and the damp chill didn’t happen until closer to December.

A damp chill and fog has hung in the air and chills you to the bone. It is days like these where I like to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or read a good book. The air is too cold to lure me outside. The thermometer says 18 or 20c, but it feels much cooler as a dampness seeps in to every essence and all you want is a big, warm, fuzzy sweater and blanket. I daydream about warmer days and hope more warm days will return before the cold takes hold and settles into a new season.

All this coldness and smell of leaves makes me think of home more than any other time of year. I miss the beautiful colours and the sound of leaves as they swish under my feet. I miss taking a day to hike along the Bruce Trail with my camera taking photos of the colours, falling leaves,  and landscapes while the peaceful quiet of nature, smell of leaves and damp earth fill my senses with a feeling of comfort and security. Fall is definitely my favourite season. This surprises me since I hate the cold and winter and that is what comes next… but I love the colours, the freshness of the air and the way the sky looks bluer in contrast to the bright yellows and oranges of the leaves.

I miss apple cider, pumpkin pie and the fall craft shows. Here fall is not something to revel in as leaves fall, but do not make a brilliant change to light up the autumn sky. A few random leaves turn an orange, but most fall green or just die and turn brown. There is no Halloween and laughter as children parade in costume and dress up. For one day to be anything you want is such a great childhood dream come true. Halloween is still celebrated here and more and more shops are selling decorations and costumes, after all they are all manufactured here! Unfortunately my school does not celebrate and we miss out. I miss Halloween…

Friday my class performed an assembly on Loyalty. I was worried about it since I didn’t include a Powerpoint, technology or anything else fancy. I looked for weeks for ideas and then did something quite simple that was suggested in the “Character Education” booklet as a class activity. Well it turned out to be a big hit. Parents and teachers alike gave us many compliments 🙂 Felt good. We spoke about being loyal to our countries and some of the children dressed in traditional dress from their home countries. I had American children in jeans and t-shirts and German boys in liderhausen! It was awesome! I had a girl in an embroidered Indian dress and another in a Japanese Kimono. I was very proud of them… they did really well and worked so hard. It helped me miss my old class a little less and embrace the new one more.

Fall is a time of change and a good-bye to summer. It reminds me of all the things I miss and I become a little homesick. No other time of year seems to stir up the same feelings and emotions. So take a walk in the chill and swish the leaves beneath your feet. Look up at all the fall colours and the bright blue sky. Then snuggle up and have an apple cider and bite of pumpkin pie and revel in it, and have an extra one and think of me!

Stay tuned for more…




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