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New Addition

As you all know last spring I had to put my 16 year old cat Holly down. She became very ill and there was nothing the vet could do. I was very upset to have lost such a great companion. A few weeks ago we went into a pet store and I saw a lovely cat and started think about getting another. We went back to the store and it was sold. Today we went into the shops and saw a few, but none like the first one. We went into Jin qaio (Gin Chow) and saw a pet shop. We wandered inside and saw a cat like the other one we liked. It cuddled right into my arms and purred immediately. It was hard to put this little ball of fur back, so introducing the newest member of our family….

Our new bundle of fluff

Poor thing doesn’t have a name yet. She is grey in colour and we are thinking pearl, or willow… but maybe in Chinese since she was bought here. Any ideas?

Stay tuned….


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