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Elfie Selfie :)

The countdown is on… Santa has started his journey to some parts of the world already, while others may be waking soon to see what the jolly old elf has left under the tree. Here in Canada we are enjoying a cold day -15c!!! and a light snow. It is a Christmas scene right out of the movies.

If you were one of Santa’s Elves what would your name be? While walking through #SouthCenterMall in Calgary we spotted this sign to figure out what your elf name would be. It is quite simple… use the first letter of your name and month you were born.

We had a giggle figuring out names for our friends and family. Please post your Elf name in the comments below.

Make your Selfie  Elfie. What would your name be?

Make your Selfie Elfie. What would your name be?


I am Happy Monkey Buns.  John is Puddin Pointy Toes and we can’t leave out Willow (the cat). Her Elf name is Frisbee Toe Bells. I think Sandy Claws is more fitting. LOL

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

Remember it is the season of love not presents or rushing from one place to the next. Take your time to enjoy the time spent with loved ones.


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Ephemeral #2 -Frozen in Time

This week I have done 2 posts for the WP Photo Challenge. The first one Ephemeral: Shanghai Sillies made me think of the time and how quickly my last few months in Shanghai are flying by. I can’t wait to go home, but there is a bit of sadness as some things I will have to leave and experience for the last time.

Ephemeral is something fleeting, that passes quickly. Sometimes we are lucky to capture something on film that you probably could never re-create, or capture again. A moment in time that flashed by, and forever frozen on film. These are my ultimate examples.

These are my nephews and for the last few summers our tradition is to capture a photo of them as they jump into the pool. This by far was our favourite as they were frozen sitting in midair.

1, 2, 3.... splash!

1, 2, 3…. splash!

The second picture makes me laugh every time I see it. My nephew looks like he is falling from the sky, or the picture was photo-shopped. Nope, none of the above. This was pure luck as I caught this shot of my husband tossing my nephew into the air and catching him. Their hands and position made it extra funny, making my nephew look like he is dropping from the sky, while the entire event took milliseconds in real time.

It's a bird, it's a plane..... WT****.....?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….. WT****…..?

Stay tuned…


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Ephemeral -Shanghai Silly

Time and life is fleeting… As Ferris Bueller said “If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile – you will miss it.”  Our time in Shanghai has become ephemeral, fleeting and lasting for a short time. Sure it has been almost 5 years, but now we are down to months. Three more months. As I reflect and look around I try to soak up those sounds, smells and sights that I want to remember. What will I see and do for the last time? What do I want to hold onto? Counting down the days is bitter-sweet. I am excited to go home and start a new adventure, but want to savour the last days here too. Enjoy it while I can.

As you know there is always things in Shanghai that you may never see anywhere else. That awe and wonder is what made the little daily things fun. It kept us sane as we would laugh and say “Now that will make a good post!”. I didn’t want to lose that feeling, but after a few years many things became normal and part of the every day. Somethings still stood out and once I finally invested in a smart phone I was able to capture more of those fleeting moments that only could be seen to believed.

What do you notice about this picture?

What do you notice about this picture?

One day I was out walking and it was a beautiful sunny day. At the light we waited for it to turn green, so we could cross. A large truck did not advance when the light changed and as we stood waiting I realised the driver had his shoes off and feet on the dash. Ok…

I thought I had seen it all, but napping at the intersection coming off a major highway? NOW I have seen it all.

I thought I had seen it all, but napping at the intersection coming off a major highway? NOW I have seen it all.

as I crossed the street I noticed in fact he was sleeping at the intersection! Now that was worthy of going back and snapping a pic. Another Shanghai Silly, ephemeral…

What is the funniest thing you have seen at an intersection?

Stay tuned… and check out WP for other interpretations.



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Windows & (Funny) Memories

With a new year starting I have been posting more than the usual. I want to share with you our amazing trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I have been trying to focus more on writing about daily life living here as an expat in  Asia and less on photo challenges. This week’s photo challenge seemed interesting and as I searched our recent trip photos I found these windows, the theme set by word press.



Windows at Angkor Wat and surrounding temples were interesting with small pillar like spindles that covered the opening so only thin views through the intricately carved shapes could be seen. I am not sure of the purpose since your view was obstructed and little light could come in. Possibly it was to support the heavy stone structures that an opening for a glass-less window would not provide. Some of the window pillars were chipped and broken leaving space to see the views below.

View over the grounds around Angkor Wat

View over the grounds around Angkor Wat

As I was saving these photos to my desktop I came across this photo.


Last spring our trip to Beijing brought us to the Forbidden City. We walked out of a gate along the moat only to realise this was not the entrance area. As we retraced our steps we saw this woman cooking out of the window. It was even funnier when we noticed the sign above her head. Bastet asked us to share a photo of a memory for her photo challenge, and this was a funny story (and it was also using windows) from our trip that made it quiet memorable. It also kept us in giggles long after wondering aloud what she was cooking and why she would be cooking there, of all places. The image lends itself to many ideas and you can let your imagination paint a story. 😉 What do you think she was cooking?

This is my response to 2 different photo challenges that I have combined into one. If you want to see more or find out how to post your own follow the links (above) to Bastet’s Blog and Word Press.

If you want to see more of our recent trip to Cambodia stay tuned… or check out these two recent posts.

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A Hallowe’en Tale

I don’t have any photos to show you, but this story was something I just had to share…

In a previous post I spoke about Hallowe’en here in Shanghai.  I explained how over the last 3 years we have seen Hallowe’en go from a few decorations in a shop to a more wide-spread celebration not only by the expats who live here, but the locals too. Well they still don’t quite ‘get it’, but as with all things new we must work out the details and improve things over time.

On the weekend leading up to Hallowe’en there are many parties surrounding the holiday and some compounds, where the locals live, there will be the traditional trick or treating. Then on the actual day you will also see a few more, since they follow the tradition of the west. Saturday we were out at the mall and many local children were buying capes and hats then running around in dress up mode. Some children were also getting simple face painting designs. No candy, just playing dress up. Some of my students told me about parties and picnics they went to over the weekend. There they had treats and played games.

Now this wouldn’t be me with a funny twist on things… nor would this be my version of China if something else didn’t happen. As I said they don’t quite ‘get it’ just yet. Wednesday night – October 30th – we went to the local plaza by us where there are shops, restaurants, banks and a large grocery store. After some errands it was getting late so we decided to grab dinner at our favourite place. As we were sitting and eating 2 little local children about 3 or 4 years old came inside and their mom’s waited at the door. Their costumes consisted of their regular clothes and the boy had an orange witch hat on and the girl, pink bunny ears that kept falling forward. They each had a little bag,with, I am guessing, treats inside. With their parent’s encouragement they went up to the counter and were asking for treats. I am not sure what ‘trick or treat’ is in Chinese, but with my limited understanding they were asking for treats. At first it went unnoticed, but they didn’t give up. Finally someone saw them and said something to the manager. A conversation ensued. We were giggling since it wasn’t Hallowe’en and even if this shop would participate it wasn’t until the next day. The cashier continued to speak to her manager. In my mind this is what they were saying…

Cashier: These kids want treats.

Manager: We don’t have any treats.

Cashier: What do I tell them?

Manager: We don’t have anything.

Cashier: Can we give them something?

Manager: We don’t have anything… oh wait what about this?

Cashier and Manager look around behind the counter and find something and the cashier gives it to the children. The children say thank you and head back to their beaming parents.

We are in a fit of giggles because in each of their little hands they hold… a packet of sugar!     🙂

Well I guess in the spirit of Hallowe’en you give none other than sweets. Could have been worse, like a packet of mustard or ketchup.

Do you have any cute or funny Hallowe’en stories to share?

Stay tuned….

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